Remove the roof lining

My 1992 Daimler has a sort of rubber roof lining that fortunately seems to be stable and does not fall. A friend of mine has a different roof lining more similar to cardboard covered by tissue. In his case the tissue is falling down and need to be serviced … but the upholstered told him that to remove the cardboard the rear or front glass have to be removed … is it true or is possible to pass it thru the doors?

I removed my roof lining without removing any glass BUT you have to remove an awful lot of the interior first. A lot of it has to come out just to get to the fixings that keep the rails in place including all of the rear seat but I ended up removing both front seats and the centre console before I made enough room to bend the roof lining slightly and squeeze it through the door opening. It’s made from a sort of compressed cardboard type stuff and you have to be careful not to put a permanent crease in it. Even if you are VERY careful you will still break a few of the 'press in ’ plastic studs that hold the rails in place so if you are thinking of doing it you should buy about ten of them so you have them to hand when it comes to putting it back.
You have to scrape all the old foam from the rear of the headboard and it’s very messy. I ordered a length of replacement liner from a company advertising on E.bay, it was a perfect match and came with a can of spray on adhesive. Good luck.

Good Luck is the word hey…

yes… i think will be a real mess.

When mine eventually droops I’ll be using twist pins to fix it.

I tried a few things to hold it up without success before I bit the bullet and decided to remove it and do it properly. I used a syringe filled with glue and injected it into the falling areas, it did stick but because the foam behind has crumbled it left unsightly indentations.
I contacted a replacement glass company and enquired about removing the rear screen, they offered to do it but said there was a considerable risk of breakage, and they were not certain of obtaining a replacement if it did break. Lately there has been a company advertising in the JEC quoting £350 to do the job, I’m not certain but I think they use a foldable replacement headboard to avoid removing any glass.