Remove trip counter label from speedometer lens

Hi all

I’m sure this has been asked before… but I searched and couldn’t find anything.

How do I get the old warning label / sticker off the lens of the speedometer? I believe the lens itself is plastic, rather than glass, so I’m very leery of damaging it with a chemical or a razor blade…

How do I remove a 50 year old label?

WD 40 works
Dennis 69 OTS

Hi Robert,
Unless someone has replaced the ‘glass’ it should be glass and impervious to chemicals and judicious use of a razor blade, but that being said I would be inclined to leave something like that alone-it adds character IMHO.

Well, if it were more than just a blurry rectangle I might agree. But it lost its legibility decades ago from the looks of things. Now it’s like someone put a piece of matte finish scotch tape there.

It is glass, and if it isn’t a new old glass will be pennies. Tap it with a bolt or screwdriver :- very different sound.