Removing '67 S1 2+2 LH door hinge

Hey Guys,
With much trepidation from reading a bunch of the door alignment replies, am getting ready to remove the LH door to replace the hinge I’ve been prepping for the past month, or so.
I have a door cradle ready and have replace the door striker to the body. The old one was very well worn on top due to it’s many years of being abused by at the sagging door. BTW, was able to get the door to better align with the surface of the rear of the body. Previously, the door closed approximately 3-4mms inward of the body. Now, it’s more flush.
The question, which do I remove first, the door at the hinge or the hinge at the body? It seems detaching at the body is easier. Then with the door on bench, can easily gain access to all of the hinge attachment bolts. Any tips at this point are all welcome.

I always found that, removing the hinge from the body, then laying the door on a suitably padded surface, to remove the hinge from the door was the easiest way.

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Ok, that’s what I was thinking. I was planning to position the door in the cradle, then, remove the body bolts first. Thanks for your “slant” on this…

+1 on body …

I agree; leave the hinge on the door.

The 2+2 attachment to the body is from memory different from the short wheelbase cars. But I can’t actually remember how…:frowning: It might be just the courtesy light switch…

When adjusting the doors, the attachment between the door and the hinge allows you to adjust the tilt of the rear of the door up and down.

The attachment between the hinge and the body allows you to rotate the door on its long axis so you can adjust the fit of the bottom of the door to the body.

These are all good points. Thanks

before you loosen the bolts on the hinge, outline the hinge where it mounts to the frame, makes it easier to align the door when you reinstall it…

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