Removing ABS accumulator withouth throwing it in the atmosphere

I have studied my abs problem and after many thoughts i feel that my problem is the defective accumulator of the Teves ABS system.
My mechanic does not want to change it , because without the “diagnostic computer” he told me that he is not sure that the pressure has drop enought for a safe removal.
Have you ever experienced the accumulator replacement and what is the safe way to remove it without doing a mess or throwing the ball in the space? :slight_smile:

Key OFF and pump the brake pedal until it goes ‘HARD’ and then continue to pump it for 10 or 20 more times.

Remove the accumulator, install the replacement, DONE.


As Motorcarman states pump a lot of times then have plenty of rags to save the paint work from a small leak of brake fluid.

Ok i wil try to remove the ball :slight_smile:

Some accumulator balls have a hex shaped depression in the ‘top’ end (the end opposite the threaded stem) which helps because you can use an L-shaped hex (‘Allen’) wrench. Lacking such a depression you can use a strap wrench to encircle the ball. In either case it is good practice to use a large adjustable wrench to hold the block whilst breaking the ball loose as it can take a good bit of force before the ball pops loose.

This evening I was ready to change the accumulator and finally have my abs working again. The new ball was ready for replacing and with the tools I started the operation after discharging the pressure (it’s simple the pedal is hard just after one push as the old accumulator does not accumulate anything :smiley:.
When I felt that the wrench was turning after a lot of effort I told me that the job was done… but… the wrench rotated but the ball remained locked. I tried with a rubber chain , the ones we use for the oil filter and I managed to brake it , cutting an hand without any movement of the old accumulator. It seems that hulk has screwed the ball…. Now what can i do?

maybe try spraying some penetrating fluid into the threads from below and wait a few hours?

Incredible!! I have bought a big chain wrench to remove the ball , and even if using all my strength I cannot turn the accumulator absolutely. Is completely blocked. I can see where the ball is screwed a red substance maybe a sort of gasket. So any attempt to remove the ball failed….

The red substance could be threadlocker (like Loctite: Loctite® Threadlocker Red 271™ )

If so, heat would help break the bond but here’s the conundrum - brake fluid is highly flammable ( ) so…but elementary points first. Not to be insulting, but you ARE trying to turn the ball counter-clockwise, aren’t you?

In other words, righty-tighty, lefty loosey :wink:

I had to remove the whole unit and hold it in a bench vice to be able to unscrew the accumulator.

Yes of course… even if it is an English car…. The counter clockwise = unscrew is a rule… :joy: .

If the chain wrench grips OK and doesn’t slip, put a pipe over the handle to give you more leverage.

i am afraid of ruining something…

There’s some pictures I posted in the above forum on how I took mine off.

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i have found that who installed the ball before used red loctite to block it. I read that it is necessary to use a little buthane torch to unlock it… but i think it is dangerous because brakes fluid is flammable and i think also the old o-ring will be melted…

Id say get a new o ring and a fire extinguisher then.

Also wear some eye protection.

Previous owners often do weird shit.
My xj40 has various things which arent normal. A cut hose there, some weird connector there.

Just today i got a abs warning light out of nowhere
I found the abs wiring in the trunk to be disconnected (the one near the gas tank fill cap). Like why was it disconnected? Wish i could talm to the pervious owner and ask them what they did and why…

Good luck with the removal…

at the end i found a mech that managed to unscrew the accumulator and put the new one. Now the brake pressure light does not blink anymore when i press the brake and the ABS works again :slight_smile: