Removing body off 1951 xk120

I’m removing the body off a 1951 xk120 ots. How do you remove the steering column and shaft?

Welcome Dan,

As you are removing the body, it will be easiest to remove the steering column with it. Disconnect horn/trafficator wires. Disconnect drop arm from track rod end. Remove bolt securing steering box trunnion bracket to chassis. It will be then be free at the lower end. Temporarily secure to valance bracket and remove body. Column can then be removed from bottom after body removal. Don’t forget to install in same manner on body refit!


Thank you Dave, will follow that procedure. The steering box is tight, difficult to turn, so ultimately I have to strip it and see what’s wrong.

Welcome Dan.
Yes, the steering column is a real pain to remove/replace with the body in place. I did it once, had to call in help.

The factory put the column in the body first, then lowered.

Rebuilding the steering box has been covered on this forum before, and there should be plenty in the archives. Use the magnifying glass icon at the upper right of the page to access the archives.

Thank you Rob, will do just that

Highly likely that the idler arm is frozen, not the steering box.

If the rocker shaft atop the box is adjusted without sufficient play the steering will be tight and difficult to turn, especially when the wheels are in the straight ahead position.

In addition to slinging up the steering column be sure to do the same with the bumper support bracket (aka the cow horn). While it is possible to remove and replace the steering column with the body on the frame (though with potential damage to the wing) that’s not the case with the cow horn. This is especially important to remember when you get around to remounting the body. If you forget to sling in the cow horn beforehand you will end up having to lift the body off again. It cannot be fitted otherwise.

Thank you Mike, I’ll check that out

Nick, thank you, I’ll check that out. Hopefully it’s that

interesting photo of body above chassis–zooming in magnify to have a look, six blade fan, silver blade tips…the brake fluid res and tubes leaned against exhaust, a disc wheel car, looks the the body panels in front of radiator are black…while under sill is white. What else??

Yes, I’ve always wondered about that, as it goes against what we have believed about Foleshill vs Browns Lane painting methods.

Mine is Foleshill and black under the bonnet.