Removing crush-rings from exhaust

Does someone know the easiest way to remove the crush-ring seals from the exhaust. Mine are not simply pulling off, and I haven’t found an easy way to pry on them.

I have a small, very sharp chisel, that I use to partially cut the thin metal band around the outside. I then get something to pry the gasket off.

I used a hacksaw to cut mine off

I just did this on my 4x exhaust manifolds on my Series III.

I used a heavy hammer to shock the corrosion lock from the donuts and the opening on the Y-pipe. A couple of judicious blows and I saw the smallest separation between the two. Then I used a and light hammer to continue to work the separation and a Knipex pliers with a wide jaw to work the donut around the opening until I was able to walk it off.

If I had thought ahead, I would have squirted some PB Blaster on the donuts the night before and the whole procedure would likely have been easier

Thank you all for the info. I will use a combination of the 3 and have at it. I usually have good success with penetrating oil, so I will start there.

Just cut them off you need new ones anyway
Save them ?
Wire wheel area
Soak with something
Blade of some sort

I heated mine up with MAPP gas. They came off much easier. Be careful to warm the donut and not the pipe. The donut expands.