Removing cylinder head stud help?


Hi, I have managed to carry out further work on my 5.3 v12 motor and have now successfully stripped it right down the a bare block…except for one of the main cylinder head studs that sit in the water jacket. All the other studs removed easily with a stud removal tool, but this stud won’t budge! I am using a 20” breaker bar on the stud removal tool and can feel the stud starting to twist under the torque and feels as if it’s about to shear off!!
Any ideas on a way forward. I have soaked it in penetrating oil but still no go. Help?

(Robin O'Connor) #2

Hit it with the smoke gun (gas torch) and get some heat into it and then try to move it. Don’t get it red hot.
Other option is to play the torch on the surrounding area, remove the flame and then hit the stud with a freeze can.


Yea, I have checked out a few videos on YouTube now, so will have a go.

(Philip Lochner) #4

Any success? I recently wanted to swap a few studs but gave up when I could not get any loose without risking breaking them off in the block.


Yes!! I got hold of an insulation mat as used by plumber to protect the surrounding area when using a blow torch. I then cut a small hole in the middle of the mat just big enough to to allow it to slide over the stud. Once in place, I heated the base of the stud using my plumbers blow torch for about 5 minutes or so, and whilst still hot (do not get the stud red hot) I used a stud removal tool with a 2 foot long breaker bar and out it came…easy.

(Philip Lochner) #6

Thanks! Good to know!

(Dr.Quail/ Jon Wallace) #7

Bravo and well done. best, JW