Removing D roll from XK120 OTS door top

I’m attempting to strip my XK120 door prior to it having some damage repaired (caused by dropping the car down on the jack, forgetting there was an axle stand half under the door!). I’ve got everything off apart from the D roll. Having removed all the staples from the flap of leather on the inner side, I cannot see how the roll attaches to the door top. Peeling the leather up a bit shows there is a strip of plywood all the way along under the rubber roll… Access from below seems pretty tight, so I was just hoping someone can suggest the correct procedure.


chris in brief there isn’t one!
it depends on how the trimmer attached the ply some of the kits supplied were bolted on originally they were srewed in with self tappers through top of ply

As I recall, the leather strip and finisher bead are sandwiched between the aluminum top of the door and the thin plywood strip, then glued and screwed together. The bottom of the D roll was then glued to the plywood and then the leather stretched over it, tacked to a separate thin strip of plywood that’s fixed to the inside of the door just below the top, then the excess is trimmed and the chrome plugs inserted. The leather in my case was not glued to the D roll rubber but I think taking it apart with the expectation of putting it all back the way it was would be tricky.

Looks like I will have to partially take the D roll apart. Probably first remove the chrome plugs at each end, then work at peeling the leather back so I can roll the rubber D section roll towards the outside of the car when hopefully the screws securing the plywood to the door top will be exposed. Replacing will be the opposite of the above procedure. It’s actually been done already as the door was repainted quite recently. I’m just saving a few bucks by stripping the door myself, this time.

This did indeed prove to be the correct procedure, in my case. I had to battle with some very strong contact glue which required the use of a Stanley knife. I’ve now inserted Rivnuts in place of the self-tappers (don’t much like those things!)

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All went back together smoothly and it now looks exactly as it did before I removed it!:smile:

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