Removing drivers side front window glass on Mk1

Recently I had the drives (left side) window glass come off track. Thinking this was an easy job, I pulled off the door panel and discovered there was very little access. Since I need to replace the tracks for the glass anyway. Can someone walk me through how to remove the glass from a Mk1?

Here’s what the manual says. First step (not pictured) is to “remove window wood surround”, but I’m nut sure if it’s really a must.

That is really a paint in the ass, to do that job.
You have to remove the window track on the lock side to get the glas out.
There are some little holes to get those screws out.
Window tracks are not available for MK1’s, so I made my own using tracks from a older US truck, the sold it in 2 meter, made them fit, and got the mounts of the original tracks.

Many thanks, looks like a job for this weekend. JS

If tracks are not rusted out, they can be re-felted. Did mine with 1m wide sheet of self-adhesive black felt (c.a. 2,5mm thick), a knife, a ruler and epoxy spray. I put a single felt stripe in 3 passes - center (=channel bottom) first, then each side (=wing). Just cut backing paper along the desired lines and make backing paper extensions for progressive application. I cut the felt ends a bit longer and folded them around the channel for better grip.

ok, removed the door panel and found this disconnected and on the inside of the door frame. Any ideas what this is?

That looks like a stop for the glass when you open the window.

Nope. This is way higher, just below the wood trim. I assumed it is a “roof” for rain water not to flow through the door open/close lever mechanism. It was riveted to the door steel, redirecting water off. Lower bump stops are integral with door steel, padded with nasty material. I replaced it with thick rubber.