Removing factory green insulation from floor boards

A free tip on something I saw on the Y.T. The crew were showing how to remove the factory applied and now crispy floorboard insulation. They had A LOT of broken up pieces of dry and all over the floorboard and were using flat headed hammers to easily break up the material. I think you could also use a “needle scaler” with a gently pressure to obtain the same results. I recall the time consuming task of cleaning the floorboards before I knew this trick.

I think dry ice can be used as well.

Doh, I meant to sat dry ice. Be careful of frostbite and use heavy gloves.

Those are used extensively on navy ships.
If I never hear one again, it’ll be too soon.

On my MKII, I just used a putty knife-like scraper and lifted them starting on one end. They all came out intact, but it was a bit of a chore.

I used a pneumatic chisel for removing the stuff in E Types. Noisy but highly effective.

You’re not kidding about the noise! I used foam stick in my ear canal plugs and also a 30dB reduction set of head headphones. I am also the one to wear ear protection when I vacuum as I already wear hearing aids and I don’t want more loss of hearing. I cringe when I see people lawn mowing, weed whacking or chain sawing with out any protection. Eye protection included!