Removing Mk V rear wheel spats

(Timothy M Fox) #21

Or painting them Lavender Grey!:grin:

(Timothy M Fox) #22

And just for the record, Graham, my MKV is not fitted with white-walled tyres.

(Paul Wigton) #23

That is actually very good looking!

(Peter Scott) #24

Love it or hate it. A very good example of bling.


(Timothy M Fox) #25

A few more for you to admire, Paul.:wink:
1949-jaguar-mkv ![5litre-8FK479-hero1|690x459](upload://


(Paul Wigton) #26

Some of the two-tones…meh: the two chopped ones, not BAD!: the stretch?


(Ed Nantes) #27

I recognise some of those cars as being local here and in fact may have driven the green one. Nick Myers had one like that. The two door conversion isn’t too bad, the mag wheeled effort, probably justifies capital punishment. Personally if one is going to ’ duotone’ the car it’s more period correct and aesthetically pleasing to just paint the sides in the contrasting colour
The two door pic is just a photoshop of someones ambition.Following it through it looks like he put a n XK type engine in, by moving the firewall and seats back thereby limiting any rear seat foot room. NOthing seems to have progressed since 2017 and have an idea it was for sale. Who’d have guessed?

(Roger Payne) #28

How about this one in Spain - not photoshopped, my photo when I saw it in the flesh - a period Coachbuilder modification……

(Pekka T.) #29


Me too! :slight_smile: Imo an essential part of the original design.

If I ever were to purchase an XK, I would definately prefer it to have disc wheels and spats, be it an XK140 or an XK120 and OTS, DHC or FHC.

I would have prefered disc wheels also on my V12 E-type (but obviously NO spats :wink: but had to satisfy with CWW’s when I found the unrestored European spec car in Munich in 2012.

On the MKV the spats and original shape are always best, as all the photos prove.


(Peter Scott) #30

The gent who created the two door also had ideas for the mascot.



(Ed Nantes) #31

It’s a blend of DHC [ doors] and saloon. Personally the body behind the rear window looksa bit long. BUt some Bugattis were like that. The DHC door at least are the right length for a 2 door

Peter , the mascot isn’t even the correct type to go on a radiator cap It’s sort of like a Jaguar version of the Qantas flying kangaroo.

Could I take ths opportunity to wish our BRitish listers a very Meagan Christmas and a Harry New Year. { late I know ,but the thought is there.}

(Peter Scott) #32

Yes, a bit cheapskate there.
The waist line chrome doesn’t really meld well with the straight portion in front. That said even the factory DHC cars both IV and V suffer the same problem.


(Rob Reilly) #33

A cavalcade of indignities indeed!
It should be repeated that Lyons only ever put out two, count 'em, two cars in two-tone.

The coachbuilder job in Spain is interesting, a little more professionally done, although as noted they should have put more effort into the chrome side strip. It appears to be a two-seater, is that correct? Is the coachbuilder known?

How about a movie stunt car masquerading as a Mercedes in Raiders of the Lost Ark. Somewhere under there is a Mark V saloon.

The winged mascot should be pushing a doughnut like Packard’s guy. :laughing:

As to the stretch limo, it could be named Frankenstein or Quasi-moto. After seeing that, I don’t want to hear any more jibing from Australians about Americans and white wall tires; talk about the pot calling the kettle black! :rofl:

(Timothy M Fox) #34

Wow Rob, that’s incredible! I had to play the movie and get to the part so as to see the car in action. I wonder what Sir William would have made of his car being turned into an “SS” Staff Car after suffering the heart wrenching indignity of removing the association with SS after the War?:thinking: Poor MKV’s, more indignity!:wink:

The two-door MKV from Spain fits the description of an English Shire Horse - “Noble head, stout though the body and a backside like a farmer’s daughter!”:grin: Do you think the headlights were left off so as it couldn’t see its reflection? Okay, I’ll concede that the paint scheme is nice.



(Roger Payne) #35

I don’t recall Coachbuilders name, but my host/friend in Spain did tell me, a major name I think.

I am scratching the memory cells, but seem to recall car was purchased new ex-factory as a standard 3-1/2 litre saloon, but then moved straight on to Coachbuilder, but the details who knows. The Mark V Coupe was in shop getting some minor jobs done. I did get one interior photo…………

You can just see the rear seat, but cannot recall at all how useable it was.


(Ed Nantes) #36

I have noticed that on MKVsaloons the chrome striplooking from the side continues along thebonnet in the same attitude as on the doors. On the DHC Mk V, itnoticably slopes down from the scuttle to the radiator. Something that doesn’t happen on SS/ MK IV DHCs.
Can’t wuite work out why, assuming the rad and bonnet sides are the same, The height of the rear of the bonnet strip is determined by the door lock/ handle. But I thought the doors were the same as MK IV. So, does the door/ body tub sit higher on a Mk V.
I would have though Lyons with his meticulous eye for line would have noticed and fixed it.

Ah , the inspiration for the 2+2 E Type : >)

(Rob Reilly) #37

Ed, you are probably looking at poor restorations or cars where either the radiator supports are wrong or missing, or the owner has cranked down the front torsion bar adjustments so it will sit lower in front, thinking this makes it look lower and sleeker.
It makes the car look like its doing a nose dive, and in fact changes the steering geometry out of the correct angles on cornering.
XK owners are guilty of this as well.
From the scuttle forward is all the same on Saloon and DHC, and the chrome strip on the bonnet should be more or less parallel with the ground on both Saloon and DHC.
In theory the line of the chrome was supposed to be the same on Saloon and DHC so if you didn’t see the door gaps it would look like a smooth line with a curve in the rear.
But the mounting holes are oversize, so that’s a goal for all restorers, get the chrome aligned right.

(Paul Wigton) #38

Oddly, had we kept our MkV DHC, that would have been a nice color to have it in. Not a fan of greens, but it looks good on the car.


(Ed Nantes) #39

Here’s a comparison It always slightly offends my eye… But then it’s easily offended.

(Ed Nantes) #40

And here is a MK IV DHC