Removing the center console on a car with ac

I have a series II coupe with air conditioning. My reverse lights aren’t working. I don’t have any power at the lights. Trying to get to the switch to trouble shoot. I’m trying to remove the center console. Is there any way to do it without removing the ac unit. The ac unit and the parking brake handles are both in the way. If I could remove one or the other then I could get it out. Don’t want to force or damage anything. Thanks

Yes, you can remove the center console without removing the factory A/C evaporator unit in a Series II FHC. I have done exactly that in my 1969 E-Type FHC a few times. First I removed both seats and seat belt mounts on the center console. Then it is possible to remove the center console after raising the hand brake fully upward. It was several months since I last did this. But I did not have to remove the factory A/C evaporator unit to remove the center console although there was some effort involved getting the console out over the raised hand brake.


What Paul said. I’ve done it many times as well. You’ve got to really pull up on the handbrake lever, or at least, I do.

Thanks. I’ll pull up harder on the brake lever.

Depending on your brake adjustment you may find it easier to disconnect the park brake at the rear so the lever will go straight up

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You may also have to rotate the console around the raised hand brake lever. It’s hard to explain to rotation, but it should be obvious once you get it near the top of the lever.


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It’ll be tight. Remove the large slotted screws that hold the hand brake lever mechanism to the tunnel as required, then you can easily swing the lever up much further and out of the way without forcing or damaging anything.

I wonder if you wouldn’t mind posting some detailed pics of the radio console unit out of the car? I have a SII OTS with AC and am missing that assembly. I see it is not available from any of the usual sources so I was planning on making one. Thanks in advance!

When I bought the FHC the radio console was missing. I asked on this forum and someone, I forget who (but thank you again whoever it was) took the time to make a template of the console and sent it to me. I think i still have it, I’ll look around and see if I can find it.

Found it and have made a copy.

What it lacks are the dimensions and exact location of the speaker cutouts and the details of the structure that holds the radio itself since I was using a DIN radio chassis and aftermarket speakers.

Anyway, you are welcome to the drawing. PM me with an address to send it to.