Removing the Sunroof on a '38 Saloon

Just recording my experience for those that will follow.
My sunroof on the '38 SS 2.5 saloon was not raising up in the left rear corner when I turned the locking handle.

So to remove it, of course I first read the manual. The '38 Instruction Book did not cover the sunroof. So I looked in the '46-'48 Service Manual.

Page 95 Operation 100 says there is a small hole for a pointed tool. Nope, not on mine, no place for a “pointed tool”.
There is one visible screw in each front corner. I removed them, but nothing seemed to improve. I removed the narrow cloth covered strip along each side of the sunroof panel. Two screws on one side, four on the other, must have been two different factory installers. Not the polished wood strips, these do not need to be removed at all. This exposed two more screws on each side holding the catch mechanisms. Ok now it lifts up a bit, but it’s not coming up much.

The manual now says a sharp tap with the pointed tool will release the spring toggle. Nope, no spring or toggle on mine.
I discovered that with all 6 of those screws out, if you turn the handle to lock it, the front catches move outwards, just enough so you can get one side off, then the other side. They are 3/4" wide slide hooks on pivot pins, so you may need to lubricate them before they will pivot enough to unhook from the fixed slides.

Then the front will lift up and you can slide the roof out.
There is a metal tray between the sunroof in the open position and the head liner, which collects dirt from rain water, so clean it out in there.

Here is the offending left rear lifting mechanism.

The loop had come unhooked from its clip. Hooked it back on, squeezed it with pliers so it won’t come off again, and it’s back to normal service.

BTW it is very tricky to get those 6 screws back in place in the threaded plates in the catch mechanisms. Use a small pointed tool to line them up. :grinning:

Hi Rob,

That’s another interesting difference between the very early SS Jaguars and the later ones like mine. The slide hooks appear to be the same but not the release procedure. I assume the locking of the slide hooks is the same. Namely, that you replace the roof panel and give the front corners a hefty bang with your hand.

Many years ago I had replaced the roof panel but failed to get the hooks properly locked but I only discovered this when driving home from a car show in the Scottish borders. It was a warm day so I had the windscreen partially open as well as the sun roof open. Driving along a narrow two way road at about 50 mph I decided to close the sun roof but when I did so the air pressure lifted it up at the front and the momentum of me pulling it forward took it completely out front and back so I was left controlling the steering to avoid oncoming traffic with one hand whilst holding the roof panel from flying away with the other!

Not an experience I would want to repeat.

Peter :roll_eyes:

The hefty bang is not the method with mine. Just manipulating it side to side until one side fits down and hooks, then the other side.
I suppose yours and later ones are an improvement, but I would have to see one to understand how. Perhaps it reduced installation time on the assembly line.
Mark V is quite different, it has catches that slide outwards, so you just remove one screw each side, very easy.

My recollection on a Mk IV sunroof isthat the 2 rivets shown in Robs pic were to hold a strip of leather that wrapped around the metal and was to silde on… with some dry lube.
And there was piping , loosely hanging vertically to fill the gap

You mean the rear corner pieces? That makes sense. There is some decayed material at the left front that could be leather.

I don’t follow the piping reference. Where and how do mean more specifically? There is some rubber bumper material across the front.