Removing windscreen

I am prepping my 1962 MK2 for a repaint. Everything has been stripped, primed and prepped except the windscreen and rear window. perimeters. The rubber is not horrible but I figure new would look better, and, I want to be able to spray under the moulding to have a professional job.
I have not the foggiest idea how to remove the glass and local glass shops near me will not touch it.
Is there an easy way to do this or is this a can of worm to be avoided.

To remove the front screen take off the chrome trim. You will then see the filler strip which is in the middle of the main rubber. Pull this out . You can then sit inside the car and push the screen out with your feet. Have an assistant handy to grab it as it comes out.
The rear one doesn’t have the filler strip. Cut away as much of the seal as you can with and knife and the push it out.
As you can imagine this can lead to a busted screen if you are not careful. When I used to employ this method years ago, scrapyard screens were easily obtained.
More importantly, in those days the replacement screen rubbers actually fitted, these days the repros are pretty rubbish.
If possible I’d leave it in place if the condition is pretty good. You’ll also have a problem refitting the chrome trim.

It’s important to remove the chrome while bending it as little as possible.

I usually cut away the rubber lip holding it in place and try to prise it off any sealant that’s holding it from underneath.

Much appreciated. Very helpful. Yes, the new seals are rubbish. My new vent window seals look pretty but do not fit!

I’m going to replace the headliner in my MK2. I believe the front and rear windshields will need to be removed. The seals are fairly new - about 2 years old. Will I need to cut out the rear seal in order to remove the window? Please let me know. Thanks

Being fairly new you might be able to save the rear seal.

An alternative to removing the screen is to R&R the screen and seal together

use a curved needle to force a thing strong poly string between metal flange and rubber, work it around and you should be able to pop both together

Locking strip on front seal will need to be taken out first

I have done this, (and seen it done) on rubber on flange vehicles, (but not Jags)

Thanks, I will look into that.

If the old seal is reasonably good, it’s worth it to try and save it for reuse. I will reiterate the opinion that new seals are not good. For example, on my Mk10 the new front screen rubber was about 3/4" too long, requiring me to cut and reglue (cyanoacrilate) before installing. It never would have gone in otherwise. So, if you have to replace it, at least compare to the old for length and look closely when you fit the new to the windscreen for length problems.
Secondly, the new rubber likely will not accept the stainless trim insert. Alternatives include gluing the trim vs using a chrome-look locking strip. The latter is narrower than the original trim, but looks ok, and it’s easy, cheap through the usual suppliers like Steele rubber.
If I’m scrapping the old rubber, I just remove the locking strip and use a utility knife with a new blade to cut off the outer flange of the rubber. The window will lift out easily, after which you remove the rest of the rubber.

Here’s how I refitted my REAR screen. Expect the front is similar (will do this at some stage). The seal quality was first class - procured ex Melbourne. FWIW.

Thanks Ron we are removing it tomorrow. Needs to come out as I need t replace the headliner as well…it never ends.

I will try this rather then cutting it out…

It does, eventually, and then you find you have nothing to do, so you buy another one. Believe me.