Renewing rear bushings

XJ40 1989 XJ6 base US, 400.000 miles

Rear bushings never touched. Now there is a lot of clunking from the rear end going over any kind of bump or hole, except if very slowly. Half of the clunking was gone after doing rear wheel and stub axle bearings. So I am guessing bushings are gone.

Before I get in there, I need a list (maybe reference to drawings) of bushings that may need replacement. Will appreciate all input, fire at will.

If you haven’t looked at the jag landrover classic parts web page, I did a quick look and maybe this link will help:

This is the “steering and suspension parts” section for lowest VINs which I assume would cover yours. However, I highly recommend you start at the home page of the site and work your way down based on your VIN to be sure you’re looking at the right diagrams.