Repair the wooden frames in the rear door

Hi together

On my XK 120 OTS 1954 I need to repair the wooden frames in the rear door. Some pieces of wood are too much broken.
But the ALU cover is still ok. How can I take out the wood frame without damaging the ALU cover at the edges.
Does anyone of you have experience in this?

I had the same problem in replacing the ash boot lid frame I purchased from RS in the UK. The edge originally turned over the steel surround has to be bent back up. To avoid deforming or cracking the edge of the aluminum skin you must anneal the metal all around. Once annealed the edge can easily be pried up enough to remove the old wood frame. If possible, it is best to screw the original steel surround band to the new wood before refitting.

Thank you
First I need to remove the varnish.
let’s see what else comes out !?

Is this the rear door from an XK 120? Or what year is it from?
On my XK120 the lip is missing at the bottom side.

Oh yes :slight_smile:
how hot do you approach the matter
200C should be enough ?

No, you will need at least 300C.

My ‘54 XK120 boot lid also lacks the heavier bottom lip depicted in the photo.

Hello Nick
Mine is a late 1954 I think summer by the numbers.
For 300C I have the equipment.

I think mine had a collision and the timbers were repaired badly.

Do any of you have photos of the original. That I can see what is tinkered.

So you mean the boot lid.
This is my Nov '51 car, all original wood.

My boot lid appears the same as Rob’s.

Initial photo is of a boot lid from a 1950 alloy roadster similar but different than a later steel car shown below.
672948ToPainter6-09 (6)
672948Detail1 (6)
If wood and lip are missing, probably best to purchase a replacement.

What does 200C and 300C mean?

392 degrees Fahrenheit and 572 Fahrenheit. A propane torch ought to do that.

Right. Aluminum alloys begin to anneal at 570F, up to 770F.

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Thank you all
Now I’m whit you. My wood frame is correct.
However, a piece of the sheet metal covering on the wood frame is missing.
I have to make that.
The rest I have to prepare.

You can use a Tempel stick crayon to achieve around 300 C with safety against melting.

Hello Martin

I have an industrial hot air dryer that goes up to 800C° and can be regulated to 10C°.
I think that should work ?!

Yup, it ought to work. I just used a propane torch prior to attacking the trunk deck with hammer and dolly.
Good luck