Repairing a rear wing, guard, fender


A while ago someone posted a link to a panel beater repairing a rear wing on a Cobra that had been damaged by a wheel or tyre coming loose. Can anyone please point me to where this link is as I can’t remember which topic it was mentioned in.

Cheers Peter

Is this it ?

That’s very impressive work.

Thanks Big Jim, that’s the link I was searching for.

Cheers Peter

I recommend this book for theory and practice of panel beating repair work:, originally published in 1953!


David Kirkham is a very helpful guy. He built up a Cobra diff for me a few years back and gave excellent customer service. I’ve got a few KMS parts on the car and the quality is excellent.

Learned something new: I was never aware of the smoke/flame trick.

Great stuff!

Same I always use soap spread over the ally, but that was 50+ years ago when I was doing my apprenticeship.

I was taught to anneal aluminium for working by squiggling a line over the work area with a permanent marker and start heating it with a wide propane torch head. Once the permanent marker disappears, you’re getting close. At this point, take a matchstick in one hand and keep the heat on with the other, making sure you keep it moving. Try marking the metal with the tame end of the matchstick until it leaves a definite brown mark - now you’re up to temperature.