Repairing SI Clocks

Aloha! I’ve just joined, and looking forward spending some informative hours reading the myriad posts on this forum!!

First question I’d like to pose (as this topic hasn’t been covered from what I can tell): Please let me know who has had their SI rev-counter clock repaired, by whom, and how would you rate their service?



Welcome to J-L Patrick!

Mike Eck is who I used (albeit for a Series 2) and I know many others here have too:

Looks like $75 to replace the old movement with a modern version (looks the same).

I went with a version that uses an AA battery and cannot recall the last time I had to adjust the hands - keeps time perfect for months, maybe years.

BTW - you probably won’t be overwhelmed by that website - sort of minimalist, but Mike’s clock work is tops.

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Many thanks Ahwahnee!

I had a nice e-mail exchange with Mike last year, as I had heard good things about his service, but I only got around to pulling my clock last week. I tried e-mailing Mike to make sure he’s still repairing these clocks, but he hasn’t responded- does anyone know if he’s ok? Hopefully he’s super busy and hasn’t had the chance to respond.


I seem to recall others had a problem with email contact with Mike. Here are addresses I have used: (website) (2018) (2013)

Other listers here have indicated that the email address has succeeded in reaching Mike earlier this year.

I second the quality of his work. He did my series 2 clock some years ago and delivered perfectly.
Dennis 69 OTS

Good morning- and thanks to you all for chiming in, and providing such positive support. I’ve sent Mike a few e-mails to the various addresses you’ve suggested, but no response so far. I do hope he is well and safe, and will be able to respond soon.


I chose a different option and wrote an extensive writeup about it a few weeks ago. I wanted to keep my Smiths clock as original as possible, albeit reliable and with the classic “tick tick” sound still emanating. Hope this helps:

Yes, Mike Eck rebuilt my clock several years ago. Works like a champ! I opted for the AA battery powered one, I don’t mind having to replace the battery when the time comes (pun intended!).

Jarrod Maille