Replace and update the radio sound system unit

Hi I was just given a 1996 XJS 2+2 convertible. I would like to update/replace the radio unit and speakers. What options do I have? Anyone do this and if so what radio and/or speakers did you buy? Is this a difficult project?

Pretty straightforward. I think if you search the forums here, you’ll get all the info you need.

You’ll need a harness adapter for the Jag, which can be purchased typically on eBay.

You have 5-1/4” door and rear speakers. There are some 6-1/2 speakers you can use, which I highly recommend. I started with the Alpines, but ended up loving JBL instead. Something about the lower impedance that helped me get more sound out of them.

I also use an Alpine Class D amplifier. It’s the KTP-445u - very small and simple to install. Take a look at it.

Depends how deep you want to go and how sensitive your ears are…
I have learned to appreciate a good sound system, so I started from scratch.

  1. Head Unit.
    Stay away from fancy running shoes full of graphics and lights…
    The simpler the better, with a low distortion good quality pre-amp output.
  2. Amp.
    Class A is the best, pure clear analogue sound !
    4x75 Watt RMS (real) will suffice. I have a Focal and has an exceptional sound quality.
  3. Speakers.
    5.25" Mid Bass for the doors and rear (6.5 would be better but very hard to install at the existing door mounts without major modifications)
    4x remote Tweeters. The key is to install them as far away as possible, about ear level is ideal, and as equidistant left and right as possible. I mounted the fronts bellow the A pillar at the foot-well.
    For the front I got three way speakers with cross-overs and mounted the mid-range at the foot-wells.
    Audison and Rockford Fosgate are very good.
  4. Cables. Very important to use multi-strand Oxygen Free Copper audio cables, 9 or 8 AWG will do fine.
  5. Sub. If you want depth in your sound you need a sub. I mounted a small 6.5" sub (bridged) at the rear parcel, no box needed.

The most complicated part was passing all the cables and mounting the sub.
All the info you will ever need to know:

Albeit an XJ, here are some photos…


I’m using this in my E-Type FHC