Replace bushings / belts

Hello All,

I want to replace the bushings and belts on my '92 that I recently acquired, and a Google review has scared me off the shop that I had been using. It’s an okay garage, but a reviewer claimed he brought his car (make unidentified) into the shop for an oil change, and it was done incorrectly, resulting in severe engine damage.

I have another shop that handles more mundane transport, typically US and Japanese cars, and I trust the owner implicitly. He sometimes does routine things for the Jag. I haven’t asked him yet, but are replacements of bushings and belts on an XJ40 straightforward and be accomplished by most competent mechanics, or do they have to go to Jaguar school to do the job?

What bushings are you thinking of having replaced?

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I was thinking suspension bushings. I am reluctant to have anyone but a specialist touch either engine or transmission bushings.

What about talking to a wheel alignment shop? They should know what they are doing and it will need a wheel alignment afterwards.

AHA! Thank you, Robin! Yes, I need to get tires anyways, so I can do everything in one fell swoop. Much appreciated for the suggestion.

Upper control arm bushings are simple to do. Lower control arm bushings requires a special tool to compress the springs that 99% of shops will not have.

Thanks for the tip, StevenD57! I appreciate your input.