Replace solenoid on model 12 BW gearbox

Hi all,

First, let me to introduce my self.
My name is Pascal, I am French, and British classic cars enthousiast.
I owned a MGBGT 69’, a Mini Austin 72’, and currently I own a TR4 62’ and a Daimler XJ6 S1 72’.
I come to you to have some advices to remove a solenoid on the model 12 BW gearbox of my XJ6.
In fact, I’d like to replace the selector shaft oil seal (ref 10567), but for that I need to remove the solenoid.
This one is not fixed with screws. I read that it must be energized to extend the plunger and to rotate it but I didn’t succeed.
Can someone help me ?
Many thanks for your support.

Hi Pascal, if you are talking about the kick-down solenoid within the transmission attached to the valve body you have to turn it so that the flat part of the nose of the solenoid can clear a tiny pin retaining it. You will probably have to wiggle it because there is an O-ring sealing it at the end that is probably like hardened glue at this point. It does not need to be energized. Just turn and pull.

Hi Mike,

Indeed, when I turn it 1/4 of a turn, I have the impression that the solenoid plunger is free but I cannot remove the solenoid, as if it were stuck.
As I never did, I did not dare forced
I will try again
Many thanks

If it turns freely then you can kind of pull while turning if you know what I mean. There is nothing stopping it from rotating so you might have to turn it a 1/2 turn to get the flat on the solenoid to line up with the pin that traps it so you can pull it straight out. Hope that makes sense. Here’s a diagram of what I mean. It can be rotated to any point past the pin to lock so no set amount of rotation to unlock:

BW Model 12 Solenoid Lock