Replace wood trim with Black trim

Hello everyone, I am new here and just figured give this site a shot. I can’t for the life of me find any place (websites etc) that have just basic black trims (matte, gloss, neither matter) and i’m just curious if maybe anyone knows of any places?

Real briefly, I’m aware that you can find replacement “wood” trims no problem, ebay, hell anywhere Really. N even when you google it, results will talk about “removing” the wood trim, only, every convo pretty much is about “removing it” to either completely replace it with “new” wood work, or to resurface it etc.

Either way. I don’t want either. It’s a 92 XJS, i’m trying to modernize it more than anything.
Also figured i could save money getting basic black stuff (plastic most likely) rather than buying/rebuying wood stuff.

Atm my goal is to make my XJS a black on black. My steering wheel is black as well as my shifter, so rather than spend a ton of money getting the wood finish for those to “match” the wood trim. I just figured. Screw it, remove all the wood trim. I just dont want to leave it “bare” but as i said, can’t for the life of me find any places that have basic black trims etc.

My next option was perhaps 3d print?
I know how to remove all the trim etc (mechanic) i don’t really need any info on “how to do” stuff just more so, anyone have any info on “where to get” , that’s the boat i am currently in, any info/help would be much appreciated.

Atm exterior is good to go (black) i just re did the carpets/flooring (I also have a convertible, so it was a lot less interior upholstery) and modernized them with a more cusion-esque leather, that you would see in a current day I-Pace and again, black, as i mentioned as well, my steering wheel and “T” shifter are black leather. N atm my center console’s (where the ashtrays are etc) wood work is damaged.

So idk, call me crazy, call me a “not true jag” lover lol but, personally, why repair the wood? Pay more etc. I’d rather remove, n get a simple (sure cheap, doesn’t bother me lol) black trim, that way everything just matches. Simple, cheap, modern, still keeps it’s “slick” elegance.

Just black on black. Also it is a 92 (when ford owned jag, aka for mondeo/xtypes lol I’m fine with it having “cheap” basic plastic trims, long as they black, I’ll be happy).

So any help/info, would be much appreciated. As I said, my next outlet was going to be checking out 3d printing (as i see tons of crazy thngs like BB guns being made etc) but i figured why not ask this community. U all have great knowledge and i’m welcome to any.

Thx again for taking the time to read this and if you can contribute to the question. Thx in advance, it’s much appreciated.

This is pretty much my last step, then it will be black on black. As I said, just didn’t want to remove the wood and leave it “bare”.

Well, I don’t know if a place to buy what you describe.
But seems to me you could remove your current trim, fill in cracks/damages. Sand. Paint with matte black a few coats and re-install


I agree, remove and refinish, it will then still look the way it should.

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They make that fake Carbon fiber Material you could cover the wood with.
Black Carbon Fiber pattern faux leather auto upholstery, Hospitality, interior is sold on ebay.
A friend of mine used it on his boat, looks ok.

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Or wrap the parts, matte, not gloss. Gloss is a bad idea

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Thank you alll for these suggestions! I definitely was going to go with a matte over gloss but for the sake of getting it done, i was content with just finding whatever.

I also have seen those carbon ones but I’m not too into that style. Just wanted a plain black.

I think I’m just going to use the suggestion of taking trim off, sanding etc, n just repainting over it, that way, as said it still all “looks” how it should, it will just now be matte black.

A buddy of mine that does 3d printing, is going to get back to me on that as an option, as i know nothing about doing that stuff nor do i own a 3d printer. That’s his world and guess i will see what goes on with that route.

If i for whatever reasons ever wanted a wood trim again, as i said, finding wood trims for XJS’ is no problem. I don’t believe i would go down that road though.

My 220 is my baby, that’s what i “preserve” aka try to keep as original as possible.

This XJS was a “salvaged” car (from fire damage) thst i rebuilt from the ground up and got fully restored again (passed state inspection, it’s currently registered and well a “driveable” car now.

In other words, it’s a passion project and it already lost most of it’s “original” aspect during the fire. The paint (black) is not the original color (it was red) and so idk. Tons of people i have brought this thing too say i SHOULD keep it original etc. I just tell them, u should have seen how it was before i brought her back to life.

The way i look at it, it’s a 92 (doesn’t qualify as a “classic” in my eyes) and I’d rather just modernize it.

So thx again! This site is great, ive found tons of info from it over the years and now just finally decided to make an account and ask a question myself and i am glad i did. Thx again everyone!

Maybe when i am done with this project fully i can upload/share some pics with the community for anyone else who maybe interested in doing this same style. I personally think she came out nice and definitely just looks like a more modern car. I know jags are def more appealing with that wood work but as a 220 owner (no wood work at all) i just kind of like that more simple 90’s matte look.

Thx again everyone!!! Gonna try the suggestion mentioned as well as the 3d printing option, once my buddy gets back to me. See which one ultimately works and looks better and then go from there.

Cheers :beers:

from what I get from all this he doesn’t want it to look the way it should… rod and custom stuff maybe… maybe there ought to be a different site for big modification

I thought about covering the ski slope with Tolex vinyl after removing the veneer; same stuff the Fender uses on their amps. I think pre-HE were like that. No reason you couldn’t cover the wood also- I think there is an version of the Tolex without the cloth backing.

I actually did the panel behind my trip computer/fog light switches in black and think it blends well. I used a heat gun to remove the badly cracked veneer, and then painted. I honestly dont think, and everyone please forgive my heresy, doing the whole thing in black would look horrible. Compared to what ive seen some people do to the trim in their cars, its not the worst. As far as an aftermarket option for plastic trim, all i can say is i found out, with some astonishment i might add, thay there really is seemingly no real aftermarket support for jaguar. The little cheap tid bits you find are generally what most people consider crap, and everything else (seat covers and exhaust) are comparatively expensive. Id think if you did find an aftermarket supplier of plastic trim, a set would cost you more than a completely refurbished set, just because its for a jag. Smh

I just added an image of a ‘76 XJ-S dash; I think it looks good in all black.

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although I dont approve, thats neither here nor there :grinning:

I did see a case where fake wood trim stick on type plastic stuff was used on vehicle wood trim and it looked surprisingly good

Based on that, I would try something like similar, least work and price, unfortunately I didnt catch the name of the product, it was on a vehicle resto mod TV show

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I did it in red

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I like that red look! Very nice :wink::ok_hand:

Maybe anthracite would work a little better, not black next to slightly different black, it’ll look good and is no ‘big modification’.

As much as I am a black/black fan of my Jags, I don’t know that I would want to forego the wood veneer pieces. I think they are an important part of the appearance of the inside of a Jag … the classy touch, IMHO … :triumph:

I have no disagreement there. As my OP stated, i WISH and was hoping to just find “cheap” plastic matte trims. Seeing as many have said (and my own research) it’s not really a thing. That’s the only reason i am considering the option, as i also stated I’m waiting for a bud who has a 3d printer.

Ultimately, I would like to just remove the original trim and put it aside (never know, IF I ever decide to re do it, sell it, whatever the reasons at least , yes the ORIGINAL wood would be there, as u said, an important piece) and just REPLACE it with cheap (or expensive, the main point was just, replace with basic black, glossy, hell metalic, just another option then, well wood and not going bare.) Plastic.

Also not to go crazy, as i also stated, proud owner of a 220 (my baby, this is literally a passion project and not trying to really honestly “care” about making it a “pure” jag, im aware its a 92 aka ford years and personally,.id rather modernize it. As i said a 92, truthfully no one should consider this a “classic”, imho, its like saying a 30 year old is a “senior citizen” lol sure over exaggeration but idk. I’d just rather modernize it) one of the few jags that had NO WOOD WORK interior. As i said, looking, honestly for that simple “90’s” cheap plastic ford parts look lol.

At the end of the day, as i said, this car was about to be completely scrapped. The original owner wanted nothing to do with repairing it, insurance and everyone else told them it was a complete loss and to salvage it. I simply sparked deal, did what i needed to do. It’s now a fully functional V12 xjs. Passed state inspection and no issues with getting a “rebuilt” title. It’s inssured, registered and as i said passed state inspection.

This is all coming from a car that went up in pretty much complete flames. Before i had it, as i said before, there wasn’t much “original” left. Most jag “lovers” (if truly loving jags) would be happy i saved this beauty, not upset that i just simply want to modernize it.

I get all the wood stuff, at the same time, my first (only) is the 220. No wood. So call me a 90’s era person, or someone who never had the honor to be in a more “luxury” jag, but idk. Interior and wood work, idk not a huge deal breaker for me. Call me crazy, not a real jag lover idk. But i love my 220, i would die for this thing. It’s my life and over the 30 years i have owned this (93) I’ve never once been upset of not having a wooden interior or idk like i got ripped off (what i paid for it and obv no wood work lol) idk. Just never bothered me and everytime i’m sitting in my xjs, just feel it would look amazing black on black.

I’d love to keep all the wood work as i said, put aside, n as i said never know, it could look bad. N then least i have the wood and put it back in etc.

What can you do though.

So I’m not an impulsive person lol. I take my time, I’m taking in all these recommendations and also waiting as i said on my friend with the 3d printer. Then go from there.

If i CAN save the wood, believe me i would love to. In case the end result looks bad, i can go back etc. Or if i SELL and that person wants to put the original wood back on, it’s there.

That is why i originally just asked if anyone knew of websites or anything like that with off market parts etc. N as i said, ebay and other places u can find replacement wood trims no problem, just hard to find simple black. Lol

So if the wood does need to just be well “redone” completely. Sadly, it is what it is lol

But i DO agree with you and WOULD like to just remove the original wood work and put to the side.

I know i will figure something out and all the input, once again is very much appreciated everyone. I’m too close to the end for this to he the one thing that stops the project lol after this trim, she will be good to go. Fully restored, interior, exterior, electronically, mechanically, spiritually lol whole nine. N so idk, from a car that was about to meet it’s end and never drive again. I’m just happy she is alive, i feel if any jag owned knew the story behind her, as i said they wouldn’t be bothered by the “modernizing” just happy we got another jag on the road kicking strong.

Cheers :beers:

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It’s YOUR car and you can do whatever YOU want.
More so if it doesn’t look bad. I think black on black is alright.

If you put vinyl over the wood trim you might be able to go back to wood without damage? Theoretically.


It really is your call. Personally, I like the wood, and I have the woodworking skills if/when I need to do this. But that’s my car, not yours.

To directly answer your question, I think this is the best option. If you can’t find the material he uses, black leather would work as well: Jaguar XJS centre console is a mess, also known as the Ski slope, here's how I repaired it. - YouTube