Replacement Cantrails

Does anyone out there know a source for replacement Cantrails (BD33884 & 5) for a SWB Series 1? Or does anyone have the CAD files (Yes I know it is a longshot).
If I trusted the ones I want to replace I could copy them but I know they are at least copies of copies so getting back to original size & shape would be nice :grinning: :grinning:

Thanks, Mike
1973 DDS S1

Mike, can you forward a diagram of the part requested please?

Hi David, The cantrails are shown on the attached exploded view. Each is an assembly of two parts, a millboard backing and a metal rail to which is bonded a polyurethane foam section. Both are covered in headlining material.
Interior trim.pdf (815.7 KB)

The long wheelbase items would of course be longer.
It is the thin millboard backing that is the problem as it gets distorted with age/damp/life!
I guess most people would buy a sheet of millboard and make replacements and this is what I have to do but every time they get remade the errors grow and they are very difficult to refit due to the type of clips used and of course you cannot sight the holes when trying to refit.
Still - nobody said it would be easy !

Best regards,
Mike Badger
1973 DDS S1