Replacement Canvas for XK120 OTS side screens

Hi can anyone tell me if it is possible to purchase replacement canvas for the side screens on a XK120 OTS? I can find complete replacement screens but I would just like to replace the canvas.

World Upholstery & Trim in California
( Raw Materials for Auto Trimming from World Upholstery & Trim ) has multiple ’ Raw Convertible Top Materials ’ listed with 1 yd. minimum. They also provide samples of the products offered so you can be certain to get what you want. I have had a couple successful transactions with them.

You’ll want the same color canvas as was used on the exterior of your convertible top. Most convertible top makers for the XK120 seem to be using Stayfast Canvas. Stayfast Canvas is available by the yard from several online suppliers.

While it is easy to purchase the material to restore your sidescreens by sending a sample to any of the various suppliers around the world, I found it difficult to find anyone to stitch the material correctly on my existing frames. World Upholstery did mine. You must disassemble them and only send the frames to be covered.
Make sure all the screw holes are chased and the frames are painted before you send them. On 1952 on cars the color was originally the same as the seat frames. I am not sure about 50-52.

Thank you that is good to know

BAS USA did my side screens. Powder coated the frames. Stitched to canvas. This is not an easy job to do at home. They look perfect.