Replacement engine for an E-Type/

Hi Ron
Sorry it had taken so long but I have attached some pictures of the engine

My plan was to show any buyers the engine running before it is removed

A few years ago I was involved with a Patent Attorney in DC who (on JL) who had a long stud 4.2 with a rusted and broken stud. A machinist friend had earlier made me a long shafted tap with the correct threads which I lent to my Jag-lover friend whose name I have forgotten. His solution was ingenious. He went to a hobby shop which sold brass tubing in many sizes. He began with a tube the same od as the stud and then begin fitting into it a series of gun drills (long drill bits which fit inside each tube., He began with the entire stack of telescoping brass and used the smallest tube with the smallest drill bit and drilled that hole.Then he removed that tube and inserted his drill for the next side and drilled that. He continued stepping up tubes and drill sizes until he had the offending bolt drilled out although I suspect he had resort to an ez out towards the end-but it worked. I have since discovered left handed drills work very well in removing broken bolts, I have had more which spun out with the lh drill bit than I have had to use ez outs on, Mike Moore (Obviously, the drill motor has to run backwards)

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Did Patent Atty Boy apply for a patent for this great idea?

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It’s actually an old machinist’s trick!

Public domain…:smirk:

I’ve asked for images of the vehicle in question and was told to look it up on XKE data.
How long is this charade going to continue?

If you are referring to my advertisement to sell a 67 E-TYPE 2+2, it is very legitimate. I am not selling pictures, and if you are a great distance from me, we have little to discuss anyway. Lots of them out there, all over the country. This one is a restoration candidate with excellent floors and a stuck engine.

Have you had any offers from the Continent you reside in ?

Curious, like we probably all are, what such a vehicle will sell for ?

Didnt someone offer you your purchase price + 10% so it could be restored by a technical school, or some such thing?.

Was he on the same Continent as you?

That would be a noble outcome