Replacement gas filter element

Does anyone have any experience using a filter that might be available from the local auto parts store. I was looking at the WIX Filters - 33039 and wondering if it, or something similar might work.

I think Wix 33034 is common replacement, although folks have had issues with the rubber gasket that comes with it. I am not sure about the Wix 33039.

I just get them (33034) from Amazon - on my door step the next day.

Wix 33039 sort of works but the flow is from the inside - out so you cannot see what the filter is catching and when it is dirty (note the solid metal bottom):


The 33034 flows from the outside in (note the big hole in the metal bottom):


That 33034 should fit into the bowl of a '70 2+2, yes?

It is what I use:

Don’t think a 2+2 would be any different.

You probably need the spring that sits at the bottom.

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Thanks Rob

Went and picked up the filter, only to discover that it just drops in the bowl…
No flange to sit on top of the bowl.

The 330339 has a flange… wonder if it would work?

I do have the spring, so I guess I’m good to go.
Thank you

The subject comes up frequently enough to require a FAQ. Corrections welcome:


Wow! That’s great! I finally “know what’s going on”. :crazy_face:

Seriously thank you!

Great summary, Mike! :slight_smile:

FWIW the JS660 metal cover filter setup was also used on S1 and S2 XJ6, like my XJ6C #2J50041DN.

My V12 E-type had this exact problem as it should have the earlier type being #1S20183 and had the wrong filter. When changing it to the right modern paper filter none of the rubber seals provided worked. I temporarly used an old original rubber seal until I got a new one that actually worked. Very frustrating!


Use 33034, As others say , they all work, You can wipe out your local NAPA store FOR around 3 dollars a filter.
I like the open hole as junk will go to bottom of bowl where the closed will hold it inside the filter…
They all work, with 33034 you just push up and place the rubber gasket above it which is locked in with the lip of the filter, ALL DONE.

Just curious, what does the small gasket do on the sintered bronze design?


It actually comes with many kits, not just the bronze ones. It goes on the central spigot and seats on the top of the metal flange, sealing the inlet. The paper versions don’t have the seal, because the entire top is gasket material.


Michael, I do have a question about your one statement on the GF124 paper filter, which I believe per the photo and internet cross reference is the same as the WIX 33034/Napa 3034 filter. If they are not the same, then my comments may not be relevant. You state:

Fuel enters through the center, and out through the paper. Small holes in the top of the filter allow fuel to enter the carb feed line.

I believe that is incorrect. The fuel does enter the top center hole, but then the fuel goes straight down and exits the bottom hole. The fuel now travels up the sides of the glass bowl and now enter the paper from the outside and is filtered as the fuel goes through the paper towards the center. There is a tube inside the filter that now separates this filtered fuel from the unfiltered fuel that is entering the hole from above. The filtered fuel now travels up and exits through the several small holes in the top of the filter and exits the assembly. This design does allow the filtered dirt to be seen in the glass bowl. Sorry my drawing is so poor. The left is the old style, the right is the WIX 33034 and I believe the GF124.


Yes, that’s a more detailed explanation. I may have over simplified, but all GF124 variants work this way The ceramic or the sintered versions aren’t solid donuts, they are hollow. Fuel flows directly into the bowl through the center, it passes into the hollow donut and then out through the holes. I may add a diagram to make it clear, or better yet, I may section an actual filter.

Is the purpose of the smaller gasket to keep the incoming fuel separated from the filtered fuel ?

Yes, that’s the purpose.

See if you like this text better:

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Yes, Michael, that is great. And I like the cut a way. It shows the fuel path that I do not believe is obvious to most at first look.

Michael, Have you looked at using a cork gasket, specifically Fel Pro #773 instead of the rubber gasket #7298? This cork gasket is supposed to be the correct replacement gasket for these A/C fuel bowls, is a little larger than 7298 and designed to use with gasoline. James