Replacement hoses (1994 4.0)

I in the process of replacing some of the parts on the teves 3 brake syste on y 1994 xjs 4.0 ltr convertible. I wanted to replace the 2 low pressure rubber hoses,which are part of the kit #JLM1471, however this part number is no longer available. Does anyone out there know of an alternate manufacturer of these 2 hoses or can anyone tell me what they managed to do to connect up the low pressure system. Thanks in advance for any help you can give me…Terry Spoor ,…

I’m not familiar with the specific hoses you mention. However, many such hoses can be duplicated at a hydraulics shop or company specializing in industrial-type repairs…like forklifts, farming equipment, big diesel trucks, etc


This is #14 on the diagram

There is nothing special about those hose except that they have to be able to carry brake fluid (coolant and fuel hoses are NOT) and that they have sharp turns.

What happened to the original ones, just curious?

I replacing the pump/accumulator assembly, as this means undoing one of the hoses, I am concerned as to if I will be able to use the existing hose as it is 26 years old and I am not sure if it will be able to be retightened again. Thanks for the speedy reply…Terry Spoor.

Not a concern if everything is tight. Don’t touch the two hoses, you don’t need to
Make sure you remove the “clip” at the base of the pump body.
Then, the 90° elbow just comes out. The rest is self-explanatory.

No it doesn’t you remove the clip and the plastic elbow snaps off when you try and remove it to conduct the primary bleed procedure!

I would probably buy a length of Epdm rubber hose and replace them.

Crate bends using a bending spring and hot air gun.

I think if you get air in the low pressure circuit, you will end up with anti-lock failure, and a dashboard light.

I have not been able to bleed mine out.

Let us know your solution…. I’ll be watching this carefully.