Replacement Muffler for Facelift

(Veekay) #1

As I continue collecting the parts required to restore my 1996 XJS, AJ16, I found that the passengers side muffler is gone. It was probably ripped off when it was towed out…that’s a story covered in another topic. Anyways, that muffler is gone, and it was ripped out at the muffler, so the two clamps and pipes attached to them are fine.

I need to find a replacement muffler. A google search isn’t very helpful. Can anyone help? Should I even consider buying a used one? Its the rear passenger muffler. Part #NHE6770AB


(Veekay) #2

Wrong muffler, it is the intermediate muffler, part Number EBC9782

What are my options? Walker doesn’t make a muffler for Jags.

(equiprx) #3

You have as many options as you can imagine.
Originality from Jaguar, functionality to Midas etc., economy from used parts and for performance everyone else.

(Gourgen) #4

I would not hesitate to buy a good used one from a dry climate car , they are stainless steel and they do last a very long time , some guy in california is selling one on ebay , left and right are the same .