Replacement of coil packs and spark plugs, now won't start

My 02 Jag was reading codes of Misfire in cylinders 2,7,&4. It also read P0538-ignition coil H primary/secondary. And P1151 Manufacturer control. I had the coil packs replaced & spark plugs. I drove straight to the gas station filled the tank & then it wouldn’t turn over. I only got a click noise. I thought the battery was dead & so charged it over night. Then it would try to turn over but still wouldn’t start. It made a horrible noise when trying to start it though. On one side of the motor where the coil packs were replaced I noticed none of them were bolted down & one of them broken I also noticed the coild Dr

Welcome to the forum Nicole, it appears that you post might be incomplete. However, you say you had the coils replaced, i take this means that you have paid somebody to do the work. It sounds like they were a bit sloppy in the execution. Get the car back to them and have them sort it out? Or do you not trust them now?
The other thought is if it isn’t sounding as it should when you are turning the engine over whether the timing chains have slipped?

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Thanks for getting back to me. Yes, half the post got deleted somehow. Sloppy work agreed. No I do not trust them to do anything on it. So ok the one side is broke to where none of the coils are mounted. When I pulled one of them up it looked like it was covered in mud so I read on one of the forums to check and see if the coolant was low and my coolant is low so I think the coolant in the oil is mixed together because I was also getting smoke from the tailpipe it wasn’t bad but I had noticed some of that before the coil packs even got put in.

Uggh that sounds like a blown head gasket.

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How bad is that? I’m new at trying to figure all this out. I am done having guys work on my vehicles & getting nowhere but broke. I’m a single female so I’m trying to just learn it myself now.

Fairly major Nichole

Yes, a blown head gasket will require the removal of the head(s) to investigate - are the plug/coil packs on both sides of the engine full of muck? Hopefully it’s just one side.

If fortune looks your way, maybe just head gasket replacement will do the job, but often (usually?) a bad head gasket is caused on these Jags by a warped cylinder head, which in turn is usually a result of overheating.

So that has to be checked, and if so, the cause of the warped head addressed too. A job few amateur mechanics anywhere are able to tackle, alas.


Thank you Brandon for getting back to me. I’m thinking at this point my only option is to get rid of it.

Check your oil, both at the dipstick and the filler cap. If there’s brownish-whitish gunk in there (as if mayonnaise had been mixed in) then it’s a sure sign of a significant leak letting the water and oil mix - usually at the head gasket.

Similarly, if there’s gunk in the coolant tank, the same is true. But if both are clean and look normal, there’s a reasonable chance it could be something else. So check those first before scrapping the car.


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I will do that now. Thank you very much.

Also being a V8 it will be automatic (at least it looks like the V8), so try looking at the transmission oil, if it is pinkish in colour instead of red, you may find that the root cause is your radiator, if it fails between cores which allows water in to the transmission and or the engine, its a long shot but its quite easy to check, I am pretty sure yours will have a dipstick for the auto trans.

Thank you all for your help. I almost scrapped the damn thing. It took a $97.00 starter to have it running again. I do have to replace the coil packs & spark plugs again. I have a new mechanic thought & I know a little more cause of you all. I’m glad I dont look dumb anymore.

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