Replacement Tecalemit oil filter badge

Is it correct the reproduced Tecalemit oil fliter badge, from say Moss, labelled Cat No. FA 2690, Element No. FG 2421 is for the XK140 onward and not correct for the XK120?
From my understanding the correct badge for XK120’'s from engine number W4383 till end of production should be FA 2690 with element FG 2388 correct?
Regards, GrahamM143872645

There is a mistake in later printings of the XK120 SPC, calling for an oil filter FA2690/101 which was used on later XK140s.
FA2678 is correct, with element FG2388.

Rob, Is there a compendium anywhere of noted mistakes (and hopefully the corrections of them) in the SPC’s? That would be sure useful to have with the catalogs. Thanks

Great thanks Rob. That’s the one I have but was confused by the numbers not matching the SPC.
Does anyone know if this tag is reproduced? or am I to assume every concours restored 120 engine has the later reproduction 140 tag fitted.
Cheers, Graham

Any info greatly appreciated.

I have taken photos of four I could put my hands on
As for repros my guess is all would be poor replacements for originals

Hi Terry.
Thanks. I do have my original but wonder why the big supply companies of spare parts market an incorrect repro of the tag?
I believe I have found a company that makes the correct version.
Cheers Graham

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