Replacement tires for XJ6 Series III

Hey All…needing to replace set of tires on 1986 XJ6. Does anyone have any recommendations for top looking and performing tires for this model?
Any input appreciated.

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New tires is a common subject posted on Jag-Lovers. If you search the archives for “new tires” you will get the combined wisdom from decades of posts about this subject in a few seconds to review.
I purchased a set of Michelin Defender P215/70R15 several years ago and I have been very pleased with them on our Series III 1990 V12 Vanden Plas.

As a side note Michelin manufactures thousands of tires a day here in the Greenville, South Carolina area and some of my neighbors work at the local Michelin factory. I also have Michelin Defenders on my 1969 E-Type FHC.


Certainly don’t disagree with Paul. But rather than recommend specific tyres, I suggest you consider the following questions regarding what you mean by performance:

  1. Do you require “all season” tyres, or are “summer” tyres adequate (no winter driving). The latter range offers more performance under dry conditions.

  2. Would you consider tyres that don’t fill the wheel well completely (or perhaps your springs are sagging, particularly at front)? If so, 65 series rather than 70 offers a substantial increase in performance IMO.

Make your choice (i.e., 65 series summer tyres) and choose amongst those as described, for example, at Tire Rack USA. IMHO.

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My usual preference is to use the cheapest possible thing that fits :slight_smile:

But if you’re looking for a premium option, here are some age appropriate Pirellis:

If you do not plan on driving at speeds above 110 MPH , want a smooth quiet ride, and want to save $$$, I’d recommend visiting your local Costco (if you are in the US) and (when they are on sale) get yourself a set of Bridgestone 215 70 HR 15 tires. I’m very pleased with them.

Thanks all for varied wisdom on tires…very helpful.

If you can answer the queston regarding what your specific requirements are regarding actual use of the car that will narrow down further suggestions, I,E, summer only or winter as well.