Replacing 2001 XK8 transmission

I have a 2001 convertible XK8 & my transmission has totally frozen & sounds like it’s going to fall out, makes crazy crunching noise but won’t move. I need to replace the transmission, can I use a replacement used tranny that’s a ZF or Mercedes unit or does it have to be a specific one? I can’t move the car & cause of bad knees can’t get low enough to check if my current transmission is ZF or Mercedes. Also can I use a transmission from a 96-2000 XK8 ? THANKS in advance for any help/advice. Cheers

If your XK8 is an XKR sub-model (with supercharger) then it has a Mercedes-sourced transmission for that year. If not, it will have a ZF unit.

If you’re asking about using a non-Jaguar ZF or Mercedes transmission (depending on what you have) I don’t know but I think it would be very unlikely a non-Jaguar unit would work (or at least, work well.)


Hi & thanks for your time, I appreciate it.
Wasn’t thinking of using a non jaguar xk8 for replacing the transmission. But can I use a ZF transmission from a 96-99 xk8 for my 2001 xk8? Cheers

As has been advised, if the car has a supercharger then it will need to be the Mercedes box or if N/A then the ZF from a donor XKR should suffice.

Hi & thanks for your info , nice of you to take the time. No it’s not super charged. just regular automatic xk8. Will I be ok using a replacement transmission from donor xk8’s year 96-2000 for my 2001 xk8?

A good place to check for this sort of information is