Replacing Australian XJC Front Seat Belts

Has anyone in Australia replaced the Aust Spec seat belts in their XJC with something similar the the UK/US belts which maintain the open air look of the coupe with the windows down?

It would be easy to just buy belts from the usual suppliers in the UK but these are unlikely to have the Aust standard markings as required here.

If you have replaced the belts, which Aust supplier did you use as I have not been able to find ant suppliers.



where are you located?

Hi Tom,

I am in Canberra.

I’m in Sydney, you can always email the Canberra branch of the jaguars drivers club as they will pass it onto their main person who’s in the know.

other good contact info in Sydney i do business with a lot> Geoff Sara (bets to ring Geoff) >

…can you post a pick of the type you’re looking at?

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Thanks Tom - I have been a member of the Jaguar Drivers Club of Canberra since 1990.

I am not looking at any particular belts as that is what I need to know - if people have changed the belts on their coupes in Australia, what ones did they use and were there any issues.



can you post a picture sample of what it looks like fo OS cars…have you ever contacted geoff sara? he’s worth chatting to

I dont have a pic of the overseas belts other than the top mount is on the body just over your shoulder. The aussie cars have the top mount in a similar position but not bolted to the body, there is a strap coming down from the roof holding the top seatbelt mount and there is a strap back to the body mount to stop it going forward. The result is that the open coupe look is spoiled by the support straps where on overseas cars the belts are not visible. Yes I know a first world problem but one of the selling points was its pillerless look which is spoiled in aussie cars.

Sorry for the background glutter in my pic.

An overseas car - with the uncluttered look.


Garry, best I have found was Hawkswood Classic Car Parts - NZ based - which supply belts that comply with ADRs.
Check Securon Inertia Reel Front Seat Belt and Anchor kit (Black) Securon-500/30 - Securon-500/30 and see if that works for you.

Cheers, Gary

Their site is classiccarparts

Missed out site - Their site is classiccarparts
In case you haven’t already worked something out.

Thanks Gary - a timely response as I just ordered some dash lights for another brand vehicle from Hawkswood. When searched they came up under an Aussie search and it was not until I received the shipping advice that I realised they were NZ.

I will have a look at their belts and see if they have something for the XJC.

Thanks for your information.


The Securon look similar to what I have in mine, which are Australian made Klippan belts. Obviously have been replaced in 2000 or later from what was originally installed…

These might also be an option, though dearer…

Thanks Dave - unfortunately the cost of shipping from the US or even the UK these days is prohibitive and I need to look locally. As you mentioned that the Klippan brand is Australian made and they are clearly from your pics what I am after I will chase that option and see how I go.

Thanks for the information - very helpful.



as much as I’m aware Klippan originated from Sweden and were protagonists of car seat belt development and use. My sister and I had after market Klippan seat belts on the back seat of our family’s early 1970s Fiat …

So I suppose that Australia just had a subsidiary or a plant of an internationally active producer. It might be that they are still around. More likely though that you can source new old stock parts from the same plant:-)

Good luck


75 XJ6L 4.2 auto (UK spec)

Actually, Garry - it is originally Swedish, the first three point belt used by Volvo. But none the worse for that…:slight_smile:

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)

Also try APV-S they make seat belts in Melbourne. I had five new sets made up for my 72 XJ6. I consulted spec sheets on their website and “built up” each unit. Then I ordered them at Supercheap Auto. They have myriad variations: lengths, type, fittings and colour. I’m sure they can help. I bought replacement red belts for our car as the old ones were frayed an faded. Good luck.


Thanks Paul - I will look at them.