Replacing demister hoses

What has everyone done about replacing the demister hoses? I have the whole setup with elbows etc but I read here year ago, it’s best to use new hoses because the old ones are a nightmare to refit?

But no one lists just the hoses.

I found a hose that would fit on Amazon - bought several feet of it and cut it up as needed. Sealed with black tape at the joints.

For some reason I didn’t think refitting the (presumably) original hoses was that terrible a job. I replaced the hoses that were rotten (ends were too soft and torn to fit, too short to fit if trimmed back to a sound section of the hose.) I reused whatever still looked and fitted fine.

I used SNG Barratt reproduction hose which looks like the older hose but was a light tan color instead of the dark grey/black color of what I had originally. I don’t know if the hose color changed or my old hoses are not original type and color.


I find a “kit” and hoses NLA. Just need the hose.

They sell just the hose. It’s what I bought.

Heater Ducting 1.5m (BD5281) (


Oh, excellent. The diagram takes you to BD5281M which then state is NLA

Was one kit enough?

I’ve mentioned this before but my tip is to cut the hoses, as fully compressed, to the length that seems right, maybe a tad shorter. Then extend the hoses fully. They should roughly double in length. Install them at their lower ends. Extended, they will stick up enough that you can get your hands in there and install them on their top ends, on the dash pad. Then simply squish everything down to get the dash pad into position.

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I only replaced the hoses that were too rotten so I can’t say if it was enough. My guess is that it is - I have a bunch of it left over, I replaced only one.

Call or email SNG to confirm. They’re very helpful.