Replacing Dust Seal on Late XK 150 brake Caliper Pistons

Can someone tell me how to take apart the brake cal. piston to replace dust seal? Is it press fit or some trade secret that only experts know about? For reference it is PN# 6904 or 8778/1 page 45 Moss catalog. Thanks

From what I can recall the rubber seal sits in a groove around the piston and you just pull on the edge of the seal and peel it off the cylinder.
The inside diameter of the seal will be smaller than the cylinder,so that it sits snug inside the groove in the piston.
If you view the blow up image of the cylinder and also the blow up of the seal on XK’s page you will see the groove in the piston. In the kit they supply seals for both square and round pads.
Its been awhile since l did my brakes, so please forgive my memory if I am incorrect in some way.

I agree with Chuck, mine are just as he describes.