Replacing EPB Control module

2003 S Type 5 speed manual. It’s been a long, drawn out quest to solve my “Parkbrake Fault” message and ABS light which come on roughly every 200 miles. The park brake and ABS still work just fine when the warning is displayed. Many professionals have tried and failed to get rid of it. . I remove it by disconnecting the battery for a few minutes, then I have to reset the time, HVAC and windows. I am wondering if the control module might be the problem. it is the early one with just one plug. I replaced it with a used one which made no difference.

It looks like the wiring is there for the later two plug version. My question is, before I fork out for it, - Is it a straight swap?

Trevor Mees

My mistake, I was looking at the parking assist module on the left. The parkbrake module is on the right behind the trunk liner. It has a plug at each end but the new ones have both plugs on the base. My question is the same - Can I replace the old with the new?