Replacing pwr steering pump on 95 XJS 4.0L convertible

My car has 109,000 miles, and searching maint. records, has not had it replaced before. I know it is bad due to noise when steering, right or left, plus may have a hose leak on pressure line at fitting. My ? is does the steering rack have to be dropped to get access to hoses, pump? Thanks for the help JC

If your car was a 6.0, V12 I would be able to answer all your questions and then some.
That was the first job I did, screwed up then redid and found out it was only a loose clamp.
Hose connection to the rack was close to impossible on that car.
Good luck, that is one of the few parts from my 4.0 parts car I didn’t save.

Yeah, you may get better answers posting on a list for a saloon with the same engine, XJ40 or whichever.

Thanks for the help guys! JC

Well, I got the help I needed from " Just answer" for $5.00. Turns out the pump is driven off the BACK END of the aux. camshaft drive, and has a coupling similar to a lovejoy coupling. Unreal!, and I thought my lower radiator hose replacement was an engineered monstrosity. I mean (6) !!! hose ends on ONE HOSE??? Anyone needs the 7 page file from ALLDATA, Let me know. JC