Replacing seats in a 1963 Daimler

You will probably consider me a heathen but as a new owner of a barn find 63 Daimler v8 and on a budget, restoring the seats is a little expensive at the moment. So I’m looking at replacing them with seats from a later model Jag. Any recommendations on which later model seats would be better to use?

there are a variety that will fit but the easiest would be later mark 2 seats- however they are all old too.if you want elactric seats you could fit later xj or xj40 =but that is a bit of work. you may be able to find good inexpensive ricaro type from a nissan roadster & etc to get by with.

Cheers; good Mk2 seats rare like the cars here (NZ). Plenty of later models being wrecked from XJ series right through to the XF at reasonable prices.

there are varieties of later xj type seats that are manual and comfortable but i am not sure which models or years? there may be info on the xj site here and others.

Do the XJ seats fit? Just the squabs or the whole seats?
If they don’t drop in it would be nicer to get the drivers‘ seat right and leave the rest for later?

I’ve seen “S” type seats fitted in the front, but not sure what mods were required. I would assume some structural work for bolting them in is necessary as it will have to be certified.
Of note the car was unregistered for 15yrs so it has to have a full MOT inspection before it can go back on the road.

is the mot very involved and difficult there? or do they accept you doing reasonable work yourself?

I suppose I’ll find out.
It will come down to the vehicle inspector and whether what I do or have done is upto whatever standards they apply. I don’t think there is a book on it but common sense should apply.
The local vintage car club is freely available for advice which I joined recently.:grin:

I sold some seats out of a Daimler , to a guy who wanted to fit them in a Jag , he told me it was not straight forward , he had to add something on the mounting point’s , never asked him what .
You can fit most seats , but your need to make or change the runners , I see one guy fit some Rover seats , he cut through the cross beam :scream:, makes me shudder to think about it

Yeah, will want to see if the seats will straddle the cross member as most cars have one; certainly won’t want to cut through it.

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