Replacing starter motor

Has anyone replaced a starter on a 95 XJS 6 cyl 4.0? Are there any parts that need to be removed?

I did mine on my 93my. It was a little fiddly, but I did remove the air intake hose from the air cleaner to the throttle body. I don’t remember anything other than that though

Ok, thanks Jason, that will information will be helpful.

Don’t know if it applied to the 6 banger, but everything I have read about doing it on the v12 says you need a 12 point socket on the top bolt

Technically you don’t need to ubolt much.
To make it practical and strees-free:

  1. Remove air filter, MAF sensor
  2. Throttle body (good occasion for overhaul/cleaning)
  3. Brackets holding high/llow fuel hoses.
  4. Entire inlet manifold (just put a rag on rocker cover and flip it over). Perfect occasion to change the gasket
  5. Hoses from heater matrix (not needed really)

Have a look at what’s below, view from gerabox’s side:

As you can see the top bolt has got a head from the side of the gearbox and there is a narrow gap allowing access with flat spanner. Your biggest enemy.

No more to undo as I remember. Go for reconditioned starter motor (genuine), not reporduction.
Sounds scary but not entirely necessary (use Liquid Wrench on both bolts) if you have good tools, limited access spanner, shock wrench, access from underside etc - you don’t need to remove anything. Hopefully that helps.

Thanks Jansuz, That was great information, it will be helpful.

I didn’t remove my intake manifold or throttle body. It can be done without, but yeah, if you do you can replace the gaskets and clean the throttle body. But not necessary. I did everything from the top.

Thanks Jason, I appreciate the information, it will be helpful.

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