Replacing the Battery in an Aston Martin

Schemucher I believe

The round part of the clamps (on the back) are slid into a channel that is part of the base that the battery sits on. The channel keeps the round part of the clamps captive. Loosing the T27 torx only allows the clamps to slide. The clamps keeps the battery captive until they are completely removed.

Dick, Not sure how your battery could be removed by just sliding the clamps to the side. Remember there are two clamps. The first clamp would surely stop the second clamp from clearing the battery ?

Not sure, I have an appointment with the dealer in a couple of weeks. The powerfold mirrors need to be reset and I have scheduled a brake fluid flush. ( I know, this is something that would normally do myself, but my body has overridden my mind)

Best guess on dealer prices would be $150.00 an hour.

As I mentioned, it was a couple of years ago and did not seem like a big deal when changing it out. I might have removed the clamps but just don’t remember. Another benefit of getting older is your memory gets weaker.

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I owned a 2007 DB9 for a number of years. Fortunately the battery never failed on me, but I imagine that the procedure is very similar. It is described here just in case it helps:


My God, I wish you were my neighbor. I love your manner in overcoming the impossible.

Isn’t there some way, to hook up a small 12 volt battery to the cables, to maintain all the presets?

Yes for 10 dollars you get the memory saver with a 9volt battery.
You plug it in the lighter or power source opening. It will last long enough to market the switch.
For the Vanquish its a lifesaver with programing the f1 paddles.

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I don’t know the answer to that. Though not directly relevant to the OP’s battery swap “project” it may be worth mentioning that the '07 DB9 does have a Battery Disconnect Switch in the trunk that disconnects everything except a very small number of circuits (e.g. door lock) that allows the car to be left for longer periods without a battery tender. I advised the buyer to have the shipper use it when my (ex)car was shipped to the Netherlands following its sale on BaT. That does require things like the electric seats and windows to be reprogrammed when the car is brought back into service.

thanks for sharing, nice write up Bernard

some current French cars require the take the front bumper out to change the headlight bulb : no chance to do so at night on the road

and iirc the bill for changing the wipper motor on a DB7 is 10k+, as this need to get the engine out

lovely cars , though

This pertains…:grimacing: