Replicars. how about

So ! is this category just for the C, D, XKSS and low
Drag Queens ? or can other models join in !!ss100 008

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Its a Jaguar forum and this is the replica section so in my book that means any replica of a Jag…so what is it…i mean kit/builder

Any tribute is a good thing, as so many people could never dream of paying the prices on rare cars. It can be said that the looks of a car makes it valuable, as performance is common these days. I latched on to a replica of a Ferrrari 250 GTO and it will fit on a lowly 280 Datsun Chassis. It will run and drive reliably, and it has great looks. No harm, no fowl.

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I am endowed with a thick skin MGCJAG and am quite happy to be teased, you are teasing are you not ? !!!
The “kit” started life as Bauxite and an Ash tree.

Hi Peter…no im an not “teasing”…i dont know much about SS100 replicas…you could buy a kit from Suffolk…thats why i asked what your is…

You’re right, SS100 replicas are of course also very welcome! I’ll add them to the category description now.


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Not so much a “Suffolk” more a “Norfolk”
I built it south of Norwich U K ‘90-‘94
Converted SS1. Couple of shots under construction.

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Sorry Gunnar sent tothe wrong destination, but thanks for inclusion,
perhaps some more will surface.

Welcome. What happened to the rest of the SS1 or was it already an open tourer? Not so much a replica as a revised original.

Queens? Bit harsh! I wouldn’t mind betting that replicas are driven more than most corresponding originals…1