Replies, am I the only one?

Hi Admins, mainly, I guess.
I usually reply to people right on their post. Often when I do that, no matter which device, the reply becomes a normal post, same as if I had clicked on the blue reply button (so not as a reply to a certain message).
Is that a known issue with the software, or am I hallucinating?
I help myself with quoting or cut, delete, reply, paste, send. But I‘m curious nevertheless.
Thanks, David

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It depends, this is the reply button at the bottom of your post.

This is the blue at the bottom

This is a quote of your post.

(I just mark some text in your post, “Quote” appears in gray. When I click on “quote”, composer opens with that text as a quote…

This one started as a quote, but I deleted the quote.

But none of these replies which aren’t a quote indicate which user I was replying to.

Perhaps Discourse has changed something.

Strange. This with the reply arrow below your post…
Edit: which, contrary to yours, worked fine.

The grey reply below yours.

This one. image

*This time it failed again. It probably is an issue with discourse, and I‘m happy I‘m not alone

Yes, that one (gray, next to the word “reply”.

Does seem to be a Discourse issue.

Curious as to how this one works out, if it fails or succeeds, that is the question we ponder.

Indeed: No biggie though, I guess. Will no doubt be fixed in the next release.

This is evidently a feature:

I asked on Discourse. It’s supposed to be this way:

Note that since this is a reply to @davidsxj6, one post above Nick’s, that the indicator does appear.

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Okay, so replying to nick should work, but not to your last post.
Okay, weird idea. Thank you for figuring out with me!

I have changed 2 settings. It should now always show who you were replying to.

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Great! No more confusion :slightly_smiling_face: