Reproduction parts in "The real world" of daily drivers and insurance

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Oregon has a state law that allows you to pick any body shop you want. One well known shop constantly advertises this and will only use factory parts. They also claim they will deal with the insurance companies and only fix it right.
Any laws like that in your state ?

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Same law in Colorado.

Well, yes and no, as close as I can deduce. You can use any shop. The body shop (a high end one) to which we took our BMW worked with us in so far as to obtain the prices on the very best aftermarket bumper and the best used fender they could find. The next step was to work out the greater labor fettleing (sp?) the used fender and then adding, subtracting to get a net “betterment”. The insurance contract definitely states GEICO had a right to use used and aftermarket parts. We got all genuine BMW stuff and ended up with only a smallish out of pocket expense - thanks to the work of the body shop, no thanks to GEICO on getting it to that point. Geico did go along with everything once the body shop explained it to the none too bright adjuster. He had trouble following what was going on. The repair was ‘friendly fire’, as our daughter hit our car and they have GEICO as we do.
Now our Audi needed a windshield (after owning it about 3 days) and we have the exact same (redundant…) deal. In this case we went ppg aftermarket, but that backfired as the glass used the wrong for our year magic eye for the wipers, headlamp glare and auto on darkness deal. GEICO would never buy the ~$800 parts only glass.
What I wanted to present was the trouble this causes to repairs on these ever more complex cars. The Chinese reproduction people can’t keep up with the subtle changes during production runs. The repair guys can be knee deep in the repair before they find out something “just ain’t right”.

The problem is when you have a claim under your collision or comprehension coverage your policy is indeed a contract between you and your insurance company as to how they will repair your vehicle when you get right down to it you have no one to sue, can’t sue your self, if however you have a liability claim none of that applies because someone else’s insurance is paying.The part about how they will repair your car has been like this for 30+ years not something that just recently started. Having said how it works some states have been proactive and passed consumer protection laws as to what the insurance can or cannot do as far as repairing your vehicle, lots of times what they can and cannot do depends on the age of the vehicle. When repair shop informs you they are using aftermarket parts always inquire as to whether they are CAPA certified parts which are supposed to be subjected to testing that supposedly rates them equal to OEM based parts on crash and corrosion ability along with fit.

As to choosing the repair shop of your choice most insurance companies reply take it anywhere you want this is what we will pay anything over that you are responsible for similar to health insurance in that respect.

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That’s were our state law steps in.
Car must be returned to pre crash condition and insurance must pay.
Probably makes our rates higher.

Sad part about lots of states that have consumer protection laws such as the one you sited their intentions are fine but but when it comes to enforcement its the aggrieved party’s responsibility to initiate enforcement and for every one consumer that can and does several fall thru the gaps.

Kinda like protective covenants or deed restrictions, they supposedly take precedent over zoning laws but here in NC the zoning officials put the monkey of enforcement on the aggrieved property owners back. How many you think actually get enforced when the average property owner goes up against someone with deep pockets.

and do you STiLL have Geico? I wouldn’t touch Geico with YOUR 10 ft pole.

Sad part is the insurance policy is a contract that spells out what you can expect if you have to use it to repair your car, most people pay the premiums when the policy arrives they throw it in the drawer and when they need it they get all upset when they find out the way their vehicle gets repaired.

I’ll go out on a limb and say most people fail to have adequate liability coverage in today’s lawsuit happy environment.

I know people that are supposedly educated intelligent people that buy a vehicle and as soon as it is payed for they cancel everything except liability coverage. Vehicle has no lien on the title so I don’t need comp and collision coverage is their thinking regardless of the fact its only 5-6 years old.

First off I’d like to say “sorry” for posting in the E-type section as maybe this was too general. Also didn’t really mean to trash GEICO, since one robin doesn’t make a spring. We did have poor service from their adjuster and there were delays and extra expense - these facts can’t be denied.
What may be of general interest to us as Jaguar owners and car owners is how the quality of the body shop can compensate for insurance problems. The women who sort of run this high end shop really knew their stuff and filled in the pot holes left by the adjusters.
As to the question of which regular insurance companies are good, the ladies at the shop said “I don’t know if you should change carriers - they all suck now”. A sad comment, but I’d believe them as they really seemed to run a smooth operation.

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that’s ok I really meant to.

Geico used to give free radar units to rural police and then lobby for state laws mandating increase premiums for speeding tickets.

My experience with reproduction Jag parts has been so bad that I’m glad I’m not in the business of restoring these cars.

What needs to be done is having Jaguar approved parts like what is done with GM parts. I’m not much for the added cost of having OEM approval, but, at least there is a baseline for quality. The stuff works, fits reasonably well and has a good appearance.

As has been the case with, i’m guessing here, 95+% of the parts I’ve received from my preferred supplier.

Try getting perfect parts from suppliers such as Rock Auto and you’ll likely have the same issues we have with getting perfect parts for our old cars.

I was thinking of trim, body panels, glass, weatherstrip etc etc, for E-type Jags. None of which to the best of my knowledge is available from Rock Auto or similar.

Excuse me if I misunderstood the point of this thread.

well the brake hose for m 79 dodge was misddrilled in exactly the same way, one from Napa, one from Rock

It was in the title…but, you’re excused.


That’s not necessarily a bad thing. Speeding is a way to volunteer for a tax. Don’t want increased premiums or forced donations to your local government, easy, don’t speed.

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You should look at a speeding ticket not as a penalty but more of a “performance award.”…:blush:


they are promoting “speed traps”. People who get speeding tickets in speed traps are victims

Riiiiiight, because they were forced to exceed the legal limits.

Poor widdle speeders.