Reproduction Stainless Bumpers

Has anyone had experience with the stainless steel reproduction XJ bumpers made in Vietnam and sold through Ebay? Pondering a switch from 1974 federal rubber bumpers to the cleaner European look. Not sure what all that entails, but would not want to start with poor quality bumpers.

I don’t know about the Jaguar bumpers, but their MG Magnette bumpers got good reviews.

To do the job right you need a lot more than bumpers.

When you’ve sourced a set of Euro bonnet hinges and Euro lower valance, plus matching square-cornered lower grill trim, black plastic grille filler strip, and lower lamps, you can think about bumpers. Their E-type bumpers are well-regarded if you don’t mind them not bring quite are bright as chrome, so I’d guess XJ bumpers would be similar quality. You need rear lamps and reflectors too, plus mounts all round.

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I think the Euro bonnet hinges don’t have the tube structure for the US bumper shock mounts, right? If that’s the only difference, could those just be cut off? As for the rest of the parts you mention where can these be found if you live in the US?


From memory, the hinge pivot is in a different place and there’s more to it than sawing a few extra bits of tubing off.

These are the euro hinges I sold some time ago. I guess you could try SNG Barratt for new, or Google classic Jag dismantlers in UK/Europe?

Yes, I was the guy that bought those hinges (thanks again Peter) and they are definitely different than the US ones. The US ones can not be made to work with the EURO bumpers. You must score some EURO hinges. As Pete mentioned, you will need EURO specific bits for this conversion.
The rears can use the US shock mounts, (without the shocks) with the correct hardware.
SNG does carry some of the rear hardware and what they did not have, I was able to get at my local hardware store. I believe the most difficult bits to find are the hinges and the lower, front, grill. The EURO grill fills the entire opening.
There is much to learn in the archives here on this forum.
This conversion is a big job but it makes such a wonderful difference to the look of your Jag.
I would recommend taking the time and putting forth the effort to find the bits and get it done.
PM me if you have any questions once you get going.