Resale Valuation Question '92/'96 XJS V12 Coupe

Sadly, my oldest brother passed away earlier this year. He left behind a couple of XJS’s – a white 1992 XJS V12 Coupe and a black 1996 XJS V12 Coupe which both need to be sold. I probably should be posting in the classifieds but I’m hoping you smart folks can help me price either or both correctly for sale. He would have wanted another enthusiast to have them so if you’re interested in buying either, please let me know. These cars have always been daily drivers.

The 1996 was my dad’s. After my brother inherited the car, he did a lot of work on it. Unfortunately, his health started failing before he could finish it properly. Still, this is an important car being the last year of the XJS. This car is still in use and may not be available for a few months yet.

The 1992 was my brother’s and he made a few mods. My brother was very much into his cars – all his life. He followed the forum and, like so many of us, came here for help and car talk. He did a lot of his own work and wasn’t afraid to tackle a big project like rebuilding the IRS which he did on both these cars.

Some details on the 1992:
• Work Log (Excel spreadsheet) 6/2000-12/2019
• 5-Speed manual trans
• SS exhaust – I believe it’s an AJ6 Engineering system
• AJ6 Plus torque kit
• Aluminum radiator with dual electric fans

Thanks for any help you can offer.
Peter (aka: MauiHoss)

Hi Peter, sorry to hear of your loss, location is going to be one deciding factor, once this is available then others will chime in I am sure.

Thank you. Yes, of course location… the Jags are located in Alabama, USA.

Just sent you a PM. Please take a look.



Holy cow, I think there were only 4 XJS v12s made? Or sent to the US?

total number of 6.0 L XJS cars produced in 1996 = 3

total XJS produced in 1996 = 1608

I am yet to hear a verified source that shows that any of those 3 V12’s are in the US.

I knew the 6.0L 1996 XJS was rare but I had no idea it was only one of 3-4 examples. It’s definitely in the US and has been for many many years. I believe the VIN will verify that it’s a US car. That will increase the value significantly and there’s already someone interested.

Yeah, the Vin will tell it all.

226645 is the LAST V12, in a museum

And, this one (advertised as 1996 V12 at the Bohamas) is NOT a true 1996 car. In the US, this will be a 1994.

Notice the accumulator sphere for the Teves III. VIN in the 200000’s will be vacuum boosted Teves IV

Maui, deeply sorry for your loss. I know, and worked with, your brother (and his dear sweet wife).

I bought my 95 V12 XJS from him in 2003 (which i believe he was selling on behalf of your dad, whom i had the pleasure of meeting. I think, but may be wrong, that the car you’re saying is a 96 is actually a 95. It is essentially a twin to my car. But as said, the VIN will tell the truth.

I can attest to the care that these cars received. I know the 1992 is immaculately kept and sorted. I haven’t seen the other car in a few years. If you ever need me to chime in on any classifieds let me know. I know how much your brother loved and cared for Jaguars.

Jim in south Alabama

Thank you JimD. I very much appreciate the kind words. My niece just said that she thinks it’s a '95 – indeed the twin to yours. Still waiting on the VIN to verify.

Yes, JimD is correct. The black Jag is a 1995 – my mistake. The VIN is 199076.

Twin indeed and my vin is 199814