Resealing Tappet Block/ Cam Carrier

I have an oil leak from the left tappet block to cylinder head joint on my ‘88 5.3L; as I have already replaced both intake gaskets in the course of resealing the cam covers, I don’t want to disassemble any more than I have to.
Is it possible to rest the “B” bank cam sprocket on the holder without having to disturb the timing chain tensioner and right cam cover? Has anyone actually done it that way?
Anyone know if the latest/greatest intake gaskets are reusable? I know that I installed them dry and engine has only done about 4000 miles since.

Yes the sprocket can be moved over without disturbing tensioner.
I prefer this method since a lot of otherwise serviceable tensioners seem to break when straightened out.
You need to remove two of your sprocket bolts then rotate to access the remaining two with cam timing tool engaged. Lever holder toward sprocket to engage peg, fit retainer in peg groove and then release the lever. Sprocket will spring back with holder. Reverse to refit.

I suspected so, I didn’t want to risk disturbing the tensioner because as you said, they frequently break. Thank you for confirmation. What do you think on the $45 intake gasket? I guess I can just take it apart and see how it survives, as they are readily available.

Make sure, when refitting, to rock the latch on the tensioner to allow it to retract just a hair when putting the sprockets back onto the cams. Otherwise you’ll end up with an overtight chain.