Restoration MKII front end

Sand blasted, treated with Phosphoric Acid, Painted and new parts in components. Now comes the enjoyable part: reassembly, install, and driving!!
It is obvious why they had to stop producing these cars. In just one the brake caliper there are over 24 individual parts. The real parking brake is also an emergency brake as when functioning correctly it will lock the tires. the most complicated brake system I have ever seen.
War Eagle

In your dreams :rofl:

Mine does :rofl: :rofl:

Mine does too.

I can attest it puts the “emergency” in emergency brake…

Ian, I agree with the guy in the video when new pads are installed on the parking brake. However, the pads quickly adjust to arc and increase the contact surface for more efficiency in braking . I have done it on the '67 MKII that I am working on now, thus all the questions. And my son was driving my Blue '64 RHD MkII when the brake peddle went to the floor. He locked up the rear wheels with a quick jerk on the parking brake handle. He was only going about 30mph. Nevertheless avoiding a rear end collision.

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Hey WarEagle, where are you in VA? N,S,E, or W?

This is why I have long encouraged posters to show their locations in their header information! Why the reluctance to do this? When recommending suppliers or service availabilities it is important to know this and IMHO it makes for more interesting forum reading but maybe I am just geography centric…

Interesting about the parking brake; none of mine ever worked that well, even after a rebuild. Just about every contemporary road test on ANY of these vehicles with this type of park brake including the IRS models commented on the vagaries of the system. The later cars have a drum park brake incorporated into the system which seems to work better.