Restoring 1950 XK120 parts paint color

I’m restoring an early 1950 XK120 and looking for guidance on the paint color if any for:

  1. Single brake master cylinder
  2. Master cylinder heat shield
  3. Brake pedal and mounting bracket
  4. Clutch pedal
  5. Throttle linkage rods

Thanks you

Master cylinder = gloss medium grey
all other parts = gloss black

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Thank you so much for the help

Semi gloss black modern paint is a better match to original black than modern too glossy blacks.

And try Cadmium plating for throttle rods.

I have black rods on my '50 and '51 cars. I believe cadmium plating came along a few years later.

Thank you all for your feedback, one more question, I purchased a reproduction glass brake fluid reservoir, was the top and bracket bare metal or painted black?

Black on a 1950 car. Rattle spray cans give a good approximation of the original paint quality; it would start to fade after a few years, it was not like high gloss exterior body paint.