Restricted performance?

(billy cove) #1

2000 xj8 codes p0300-301-302-303-304. and p1316. runs very rough. any sugjustions. thanks bill

(motorcarman) #2

Misfire DTCs will initiate RESTRICTED PERFORMANCE.
Why is the ‘A’ bank (Bank 1) misfiring??

Broken Timing Chain???

Here are some of the TSBs we got when I was at the dealer. More diagnosis is in your future!!!

303-49 Restricted Performance.pdf (42.2 KB)
AJ27 Restricted Performance.pdf (15.3 KB)
Restricted Performance Email.pdf (14.9 KB)


(j limongelli) #3

How many miles on the car…

(billy cove) #4

104,000. miles on it thanks bill

(j limongelli) #5

Oh just a hunch…Peter want to step in…
I have this running discussion of the v8 x308 cars.
All kidding aside if one bank is showing nothing
did you hopefully do the tensioners?
Replace the pumps.
O2 sensors…all will wack out your settings.
Just to start.
Low fuel pressure will cause the same shut down………Tensioners,pumps and 02 hopefully you had them changed.
good luck.

(billy cove) #6

Thanks. I will check the chain later today. Motor has never been touched, that is most likely the problem. thanks for the quick replys bill

(j limongelli) #7

UM , If its true its never been touched…UM DO NOT CRANK THE ENGINE OR ELSE…