Retirement time for me

Well, it has been a long Journey with Coventry West. This is the third name for the company. First name was Jaguar Cars, Inc. Jaguar Cars LTD did not like that and their lawyers were bigger so name change to Jaguar Motorworks. Primarily service with small parts department. Parts, use and new along with a rebuild department grew and we sold the Service department and moved the business into a 80,000 square foot building with 4 acres of land to store used cars. This was in 2000. Competition came into play with the formation of SNG Barratt (who this hobby would not be the same without them), Welsh got into the newer cars, XK’s got into the newer cars, the internet and EBAY became more of a way of life. All added together to a diminishing business that could not support the overhead.
This year marks my 41st year and my last with Coventry West. I have seen this coming for a while and as such have built a 2100 square foot garage next to the house fully stocked to continue to work on cars. I am still here as usual but just will not be doing the rebuild business at Coventry West. The equipment and cores have gone in various directions to other businesses that are already in the Jaguar world. I have made a lot of new friends in the business and online and look forward to this continuing.


Wow Dick,
This is sad news for the Jaguar community. It happens but doesn’t make us left behind with a warm fuzzy feeling. I’m glad that you are graduating into some form of retirement, I wish a satisfying retirement for all who reach that day so no complaints, just a new normal. I’m glad you will stay with Jag-Lovers!!! FWIW I had owned my E-type for 34 years, sold it one year after you did a complete and major overhaul, it never ran better after that and I had it for the E-type’s 50th anniversary, great fun, but I reached that day when it was time.


You guys will be missed.

Retirement is great, even when you don’t really retire. Enjoy it.

A testimonial: Personally, I’m glad my engine needed a rebuild when it did and you and Coventry West were in business to rebuild it, along with the transmission.


Very sad news for this corner of the vintage car hobby. You are well known for your competence and integrity. Hope this change brings you nothing but happiness!

Best, Alan

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Congrats on your retirement Dick. You’ve more than earned it. May you have many years ahead in your new garage.


Wow, Dick,
You have been here since Jesus wore tennis shoes, maybe even longer, I’m not sure. But eventually the gearshift knob gets passed on to the next generation, and life goes on.
Glad that you are keeping your fingers dipped in Jag-lube, and are closer to home. Enjoy the time!

You’ve got to live somewhere you aren’t afraid to die.
Ukrainian poet Serhiy Zhadan

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Congratulation on retireing Dick and thanks for taking my phone call when I needed some help a wlile back…What exactly will you continue to due that is Jaugar related?

Congratulations on your move, does not sound like retirement to me, but you will get rid of some problems you may not have noticed. Hope the S 3 book helps.

Regards, Joel

I am retiring from Coventry West. Or another way of looking at is that Coventry West is going away and I am one of the last ones out to lock the door. I have chosen to continue to work on Jaguars at home where I have been working on them for the past 15+ years. Going to work at another shop is just not that appealing.


That’s good, but…

'Tis the experience and expertise that is hard to replace.



Congratulations Dick!! Hopefully the other guys who worked with you at CW have found alternate work, or perhaps retired themselves.

Would be very useful if you could give us an idea/catalogue of the scope of services you intend to continue providing.

If you don’t intend to provide the more extensive work such as engine and box overhaul etc, perhaps you might provide some recommendations on who we might consider?

Very best regards to you!

Congratulations. May your retirement be all you want it to be.

Hi Les, as far as work at home, it would work better for example if a car needed an engine rebuilt, the car came in. I just finished a V12 E-Type that was shipped in from Colorado for a major rear main seal leak. I managed to fix it in the car. The savings for not having to remove the engine and ship it covered the transport of the car. I also like to make sure everything works such as no overheating, carbs and timing set, proper oil in the gearbox, clutch adjusted correctly, etc. So many things that can not be done right. I did a TH400 for an XJS years ago. They did not install the rear spring assembly correctly and sent the transmission back because it made to much noise. Install error. I do try to stay away from the “heavy work” to take care of the regular work. If anyone has questions, you can always ask and we should be able to work it out. Right now, the garage is in disarray as I am bringing a lot of equipment home and setting it up. I now have a top of the line Hunter tire mounting machine. First customer was an Aston Martin. He took it to a major chain tire place. Had two tires put on and they managed to scrape the wheels pretty badly. They sent the wheels out to be repaired and the repair place just painted over the scrapes with any sanding. To add insult, they put 14.5 ounces of weight on one wheel and 12 on the other. I did check and the one with the most weight was still 4 ounces out of balance. They also put a 3" NEW valve stem. All sorted out now with no scrapes. I really hate recommending anyone for this kind of reason. As mentioned, call or write with your situation. My website is as another contact method.

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So – Mr. Maury

If someone needs your skill set(s), who do we call? Did you stock your shop with some machines before Coventry West closed their doors? - lathe?, hone.bore machine? hot tank?, etc
Company" name? (Coventry West seems to be available).
I suspect you’ll keep your shop’s address close to your vest since it is your family home.
Phone Nr= ???
Or does one contact you using forum?

EDIT – Looks like our two latest postings crossed in the ether.

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Since you asked. Hopefully not breaking any forum rules. Remember, this is now a hobby for me, not a business. With the regular customers cars in waiting, I am booked up for this year. No lathe although a good friend bought it. I brought home a lot of equipment but mostly for service type work and light repairs. I do have access to other necessary machinery for larger type jobs.


Hoping you don’t mind, this version is likely easier to read



Congratulations! You’ve certainly earned it! I am a little sad only because it makes it even less likely we will meet again in person. I have fond memories of the time we spent at the JCNA show in Houston, and the day we spent in Monterey at the Quail, and having my car on display in the Jaguar booth at the Pebble Beach Concours. All thanks to you!

Good memories for sure. Like I mentioned, I am still around and involved in the Jaguar world, I am not dead yet!


My thanks to you for all your help and best wishes as you embark on a new phase.

Still the only mechanic I have ever had make a house call (a 2,000 mile house call!).


The hospitality more than made up for it.